Speculating on the plot of Dark Knight Rises

Since I saw the first teaser for The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t help but speculate about the plot.  Today, I lay it all down for you based on my comic book knowledge, what’s in the trailers and other clues.  If you read on, there’s a chance I spoil the movie for you – you’ve been warned!

spoiler alert

Here’s what we know for certain:  two trailers worth of goodies.



Finaly, Bane’s wikipedia page.

Given these three pieces of information, I can tack a plot together.  Exactly how Catwoman fits into this, I’m not sure, but whatever – this is just a fun little exercise.

Things are going well in Gotham City; the sacrifices seen in The Dark Knight are paying off as the good times roll.


Ain’t no party like a 1% party cuz a 1% party don’t stop!

Bane sees an opportunity; the fall of several Gotham crime families has left a power vacuum and control of the underworld is ripe for the plucking – only Batman stands in the way.  (So, just as The Dark Knight took a few cues from it’s comic counterpart The Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Rises will loosely follow Batman: Knightfall, Part One: Broken Bat.)  To get the Caped Crusader out of the way, Bane frees the prisoners from Black Gate Prison (isn’t that what the prison is called in Gotham?) and passes out automatic rifles.


That’s a lot of guns.

Batman springs into action and begins rounding up the freed prisoners, but there are too many.  During the construction of the new Wayne Manor, someone discovers Bruce Wayne’s secret, and this information find’s it’s way to Bane.  In an attempt to ambush him, Bane and his men repel into the Batcave via the well entrance we saw in Batman Begins.  (Actually, I think this well looks way bigger than the one in Batman Begins, but whatever.)


Oh snap – Batman Forever style!

As we see in the 1st teaser trailer, a visibly exhausted Batman fights Bane – presumably in the Batcave.


Jeez, Batman looks like a punch drunk boxer in this scene!

This not being his best day, Batman is not up to the challenge and loses the fight.


Oh… snap?

Will Bane break Batman’s back like he did in the comics?  I doubt they’ll go quite that far, but he’ll get a serious ass beating – but who knows, Christopher Nolan might go the full 9 – after all, Bruce is visibly walking with a cane.


Awesome shot – I love his reflection on the cover of the serving dish.

I can see them giving Bruce a spinal injury to deal with – in the second act of The Dark Knight, Bruce agonizes over the failure of both Rachel’s death, the woman he loved, and Harvey’s injury, both of which he feels responsible for.  What could be worse?  A serious spinal injury – a personal tragedy that changes every aspect of how he lives his life sounds like a more difficult, internal conflict for Bruce to deal with and thus ups the ante and tops the previous movie.


“We were in this together – then you were gone.”

Things get out of hand in Gotham and Gordan is seriously hurt.  Bruce Wayne begins to recover from his injuries and visits Gordon in the hospital, who now knows he is Batman, and asks him to take up the cowl again, but Bruce has reservations.

“The Batman has to come back.”

“What if he doesn’t exist anymore?”


Take note, 1%ers!

With Batman out of the way, Bane and his men begin rounding up the rich and powerful, including Alfred and Bruce.  Bane loves the idea of them watching Gotham burn.  “When Gotham is ashes,” Bane says, “you have my permission to die.”


“What does that mean?” | “Shave.”

As Bruce and Alfred see the city burn from inside their prison (which Bane leaves unlocked because there is no place to go in a city populated entirely by chaos), Bruce realize that he has to overcome his doubt and get back to basics:  pushups.


“What’s the point of all those push ups if you can’t even beat one bloody bad guy?”

Bruce begins to get himself back into shape and resumes the mantle of Batman.  His reappearance inspires hope on the streets, and coordinating with Gordon, their combined forces launch an assault on Bane’s evil empire.  Batman must fight Bane again, but this time, he’s ready, and he wins.

Now you did it – Batman’s pissed.


batman-dark-knight-risesWell, there you have it – mye guess at the plot of The Dark Knight Rises.  Let me know if you think I’m way off, right on, half way or whatever.  Drop your own theory in the comments section!  This is a fun game!


Speculating on the plot of Dark Knight Rises

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  1. It’s a bit reversed, as Bane is the on who recuperates in prison, but other than that, I think you’ve the plot in hand. Catwoman is hired by Bane to weaken Bruce and keep him distracted.

  2. optimat prime

    in my opinion the storyline above is way too simple. i guess the nolans havin a jok…(oh wait thats not the word i wanna choose) an ace in hand. I hope so, coz this plot will be entertaining, but not an exciting “epic” ending ( for the most of us, i assume…). What about miranda tate or police officer blake(JGL)? Both characters are still unclear. and how much is the LoS involved? They re entering the well where bruce wayne s captured as u can see in the trailer….i ll end my posting with a quote from ra´s al ghul (in batman begins+ 1.teaser tdkr):
    ” If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal… you become something else entirely. A legend, Mr. Wayne, a legend!” bruce dies thereby the symbol named “the batman” lives on 4ever. greetz optimat prime from germany

    • I do think it is likely that bane is a member our at least employed by the league of shadows, so that will tie it all together nicely. However, I just don’t see bruce dying in the end. Instead, I think that after he gets beaten in the middle of the movie, when he comes back, that will be the ‘ rising’

  3. optimat prime

    hi jamie insalaco,
    all what ´ve picked up in the last months on teaser, trailers+ some rare actors talkin gets me to the point that nolan pursued his goal to tell a realistic tale of “the batman” from the beginning till the end consistently. in my opinion it only makes sense showin in the last chapter of the saga bruce waynes wear marks being batman. this is due to the mere fact that he s gettin older,time-withered+ keeps blaming himself for the deaths of rachel+harvey, etc. Sounds+ looks to me like a typical diagnosis of a burn-out/depression…being batman/bruce wayne must be extremely hard, exhausting+ schizophrenic over the years. Thats realistic+ unavoidable(at least to me). im sorry but for me the only way to complete the batman saga in a logical way is bruce waynes death or (un-)intended retirement in the end. imagine nolan serves us a nice happy-end with the death of bane, LoS gettin destroyed, batman is gothams hero+ in love with catwoman selina, officer blake saves the kids+ becomes new commissioner, while gordon+fox go on pension, etc. thats no finale coz it implements bruce wayne has to go on+on+ on as the gotham hero+ symbol batman for the simple reason that crime never sleeps+ some people never-ceasing doing evil things…
    so “the fire rises” for the last time before it goes out 4ever+ the batman named bruce wayne becomes unforgetable+ undestroyable as a symbol…
    greetz mat

  4. optimat prime

    please excuse my bad english writing its late here in germany+ im so tired my eyes closin permanently. greetz optimat

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