Learn Bar Tending: Dark Rum & Eggnog


Sometimes, someone I know will read something on the site and let me know that I’m doing it wrong.  For example, Nurse Becky (a friend I’ve known since the mid 90s) immediately took me to task for Learn Bar Tending: Whiskey & Egg Nog, and rather than pointing out that eggnog is one word, she got right to the point and reminded me that it’s nutmeg (not cinnamon) that you want to add to eggnog.

This is a new feature we’re going to have here on the site where NB makes it clear I fucked up, and it’s called Nurse Becky Explains.


NB recommends you combine eggnog, dark rum and nutmeg rather than my own concoction of eggnog, whiskey and cinnamon, and given that I’m no kitchen or bar tending wiz, I say go with her recommendation.

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