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If Eight Crazy Nights isn’t part of your regular holiday movie rotation, it probably should be.  Before you pull the trigger, here are a few things to be aware of:


This Movie is Probably Not Appropriate for Young Children

It’s a cartoon, so I thought it was important to mention this.  I know it’s easy to drop kids in front of a cartoon and assume everything is fine (bet my parents didn’t know about all the occult stuff happening on He-Man or the homo-erotic stuff on Thundercats), but this is one of those cases where it’s important to do some parenting and exercise some judgement  While it’s possible for adults to put the movie’s themes of alcoholism, depression and prejudice against people who look different in its proper context, your kids might end up repeating a few choice words (“shit”) or phrases (“Can I walk around with my morning erection?”) that you prefer they didn’t after watching Eight Crazy Nights.  I do think it’s perfect for that preteen and young teen crowd – odds are, they know all those words and phrases already anyway.

I Found a Musical I Like!

People sing in this movie and I enjoy it – who knew such a thing was possible?  The songs are witty, hilarious and well-arranged.  I particularly enjoy “Technical Foul,” but there are other songs worth hearing.  Not only that, but it’s an Adam Sandler movie I like – this truly is the season of miracles!

Relentless Product Placement?  Check!

It just wouldn’t be an Adam Sandler movie without relentless product placement, and Eight Crazy Nights is no exception.  There are over 20 different products either seen, mentioned or used by the characters, from stores at the mall to what the characters were actively displaying in scenes.  Ka-ching!

Just for Giggles:

If you ever want to read a poorly written Wikipedia page, then Eight Crazy Nights might be the page for you.  Check this out:

Davey Stone, the antagonistic protagonist. As a child, he was a professional basketball player with a nice heart.

So…  he was a professional basketball player as a child.  In a children’s league, which was officiated by a volunteer whose legs were too small to keep up with kids.  Professional basketball player.  Gotcha.  Oh, and with a ‘nice’ heart.  Not ‘a heart made of gold’ or ‘a good heart,’ but the rarely used ‘a nice heart’ expression.  Swish!

“Can I walk around with my morning erection?”

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