7 Christmas Movies That Aren’t Really Christmas Movies


The purpose here is not to say whether the following movies are good or bad films but instead, to see that they are all using Christmas to manipulate the viewer by using Christmas as an asset rather than part of the narrative.

Movies That Pretend To Be Christmas Movies

A lot of movies wrap themselves up in Christmas, but don’t really convey it’s message of peace on earth, family, friendship, togetherness and presents.

Love Actually

My girlfriend convinced me that this wasn’t a Christmas movie citing the fact that it is watchable out of season while a true Christmas movie is not.  Otherwise, I think Love Actually does a decent job (topless woman aside) of being in the Christmas spirit.  However, it does deserve chastising for giving birth to this new awful genre of holiday movies like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

While You Were Sleeping

This movie is also not a tremendous offender, but it still should get a wag of the finger for using Christmas to complete it’s own ends.

Home Alone & Home Alone 2:  Lost in New York

These are the two worst offenders of all time.  There is very little reason for either of these movies to take place at Christmas time – the family could have been going on a summer vacation and the movies could proceed in the same manner.  I’m aware that there is a Home Alone 3, but seriously, who’s actually seen this movie?  Also, that All Alone on Christmas song kinda sucks.

Movies That Take Place On Christmas

Sometimes, movies just take place at Christmas time, but don’t really have anything to do with Christmas.  This is OK, but Batman Returns was a summer release, so it was weird to go into the theater and see all this Christmas crap.  Also, the movie is totally strange and doesn’t make a ton of sense – kudos to the cast for making the movie watchable.

Die Hard

The growing sub culture that continues to herald Die Hard as the best Christmas movie ever needs to get a grip.  It’s become a weird cult phenomenon to get a bunch of people together and watch John McClain kick ass on Christmas.  Weird, but at least it’s a decent movie.  I assume that the customary greeting by the host to all guests is, “Welcome to the party, pal!”



Even Blockbuster puts Gremlins with the Christmas movies.

Christmas is that magical time when families get together, exchange weird ass presents, and then one of said presents spawns a race of monsters that run amok in your hometown… that’s not gonna be good for business… well, the movie theater and the bar did OK.  Oh wait, didn’t one of those locales get blown up?  Never mind.

Batman Returns

The movie that begs the question:  Doesn’t anyone find it strange that Bruce Wayne has batsignals on his roof?  No?  OK, let’s move on.  But nothing beats Christopher Walken’s Christmas speech.  If you’re up for some pain, ask me to do my Christopher Walken impression from Batman Returns, but I warn you:  don’t wind me up if you can’t handle the power.

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