5 Reasons I Loved The Muppets – movie review

the-muppetsI enjoyed The Muppets so much that I decided it wasn’t necessary to do a traditional review but instead, just focus on five (yeah, five – that’s a nice round number) of my favorite things about what may be the best movie I’ve seen this year.  Here we go, in no particular order…  actually, I think this is sequential order as the events appeared in the film.

spoiler alert

1.  Fozzy Is Working In A Seedy Club In Reno With Shady Characters.

It’s not a strip club, but it’s not far off. Fozzy is working with The Moopets, a Muppets cover band (or whatever), and besides being horrible looking, they’re horrible people (muppets), too.  Still, I love the club’s authentic atmosphere and the background craziness.

2.  “We Should Pick Everybody Else Up By Montage.”

When the gang realizes that picking everybody up one at a time is taking forever, they decide to go get the rest of the Muppets in the film via a montage scene – its classic breaking of the fourth wall and it works perfectly.  Rolfe’s disappointment at not being used in the montage was awesome – if you saw the movie, you know what I’m talking about and if you didn’t, I don’t want to spoil the movie any more than I already have.

3.  “Let’s Travel By Map!”stars-four-half

Once the group realizes that they don’t have enough time to travel to Paris to recruit Miss Piggy, they decide to travel by map, Indiana Jones style.  It’s hilarious and a time saver, so it’s win-win!

4.  “Maniacal Laugh!  Maniacal Laugh!”

Sometimes, bad guys laugh maniacally – in this movie, they say, “Maniacal Laugh!  Maniacal Laugh!” and laugh maniacally.  It’s good stuff.

5.  The Barbershop Quartet

I decided that I had to choose between this and the rapping, but this was better – not by much, but definitely better.  I hate the song they were singing, but they made it hilarious.

Even the trailer is awesome!

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