7 Bands You Won’t Believe Aren’t In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


It’s Yes! I can’t even talk about this… I can’t !

The next class to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been announced, and I don’t have much to say in the way of complaints with the list:

  1. Guns N’ Roses
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. The Beastie Boys
  4. Donovan
  5. Laura Nyro
  6. The Small Faces/The Faces

I’m a little suspicious that Guns N’ Roses making it into the Hall on the first try; it’s not that I think they don’t belong, but instead, I’m suspicious of the quicky induction.  I smell dollar signs… that is, if Axl Rose and Slash can put their differences aside and play at the ceremony.  The Small Faces/The Faces thing is kinda weird – sure, they’re related bands, but they played different styles of music with different front men… but whatever.

I don’t get too bent out of shape about who the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is inducting because those that don’t get the nod invalidates the whole idea to begin with.  Here are 7 bands (in no particular order) you won’t believe aren’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1.  Genesis

Sad but true.  Both incarnations of Genesis are awesome!

2.  Kansas

Carry on Wayward Sun?  Dust in the Wind?  Hello?  These songs aren’t good enough for your crappy hall?

3.  The Moody Blues

I’m not a huge fan, but I won’t deny the The Moody Blues.  They’re pretty awesome – everybody likes Knights in White Satin, don’t they?

4.  Kiss

I’m pretty sure I’m the only American who doesn’t like Kiss, but again, I won’t deny them.  How can friggin Kiss not be in the Hall?  Kiss is practically a religion in this country!

5.  Rush

Un-frigging-believable! No Rush?  This must be some sort of racist bias against Canadians at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

6.  Yes

This one hurts too much to talk about.

7.  Iron Maiden

Again, I’m not a huge fan, but come on – it’s Iron Maiden!  You can’t deny this sound.  This was the official way to scare the shit out of the elderly in the 1980s.  Iron Maiden is an institution – keeping them out is absurd.

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