One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other One

Let me start off by declaring my love and undying loyalty to the New York Times.  Their website,, is friggin awesome in every sense of the word and is recognized for it’s quality content (Google Page Rank of 9) and world wide popularity (Alexa rank of 88 out of a bizillion websites) by everyone in the online industry and beyond.

But every once and a while, something crazy slips through the cracks.  Observe:


The video segment, Times Cast, is sort of like a local network news show, but they only have a few minutes to disperse information.  And like a local network news show, They cover important issues of the day and also touch upon the lighter side of the day’s events.  Now this format works well enough over an hour or even a half hour, when you only have seven minutes and you choose two serious items and one more that frankly begs an explanation, the latter sticks out like a sore thumb.

So take the quiz!  Which one of these news items isn’t like the other?  And by ‘other,’ I mean which news item isn’t important to you or anybody else in any conceivable way possible.

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