Adam Sandler Intervention – Jack and Jill


I did not photoshop this in any way.

This is a real movie poster… for a movie called Jack and Jill… starring Adam Sandler… in both rolls.  He’s playing twins.  One of the twins is a girl.  Seriously.

And what’s wrong with Al Paccino, by the way?  Eh, we’ll get to that another day…  88 Minutes…

When you know someone for a long time, you come to feel responsible to tell them when they’ve gone too far.  As a former Adam Sandler fan, I feel that the moment has come.  Let’s take an abbreviated journey through Mr. Sandler’s Filmography and try to figure out where his train jumped the tracks.

Airheads – 1994
A supporting roll but a good one for him, this is Adam Sandler doing his less or more character, and it works.

Billy Madison – 1995
His first starring roll has Mr. Sandler doing what he does best.

Happy Gilmore – 1996
Here, Adam Sandler is showing us more of the same, but its all good – a crazier version of Billy Madison.  I think I’ll have Subway for dinner tonight…

Bulletproof – 1996
This movie flat out sucks.  Lesson learned:  never make a movie with a Wayans brother.

The Wedding Singer 1998
A nice mix of wacky comedy and romantic comedy, and one of the first playful looks back at the 80s.  Decent movie.

The Waterboy – 1998
This movie is horrendous!  How hard is it to screw up a movie with Henry Winkler and Kathy Bates?  Pretty easy, apparently.

Big Daddy – 1999
Not great, not terrible.  Way to brand Hooters restaurants!

Little Nicky – 2000
I can hardly understand what Adam Sandler is saying!  What food was branded in this movie, a pizza chain?

Mr. Deeds – 2002
A completely forgettable remake that did not need to be made.

Punch-Drunk Love – 2002
I enjoyed this,  he showed a lot of heart in this flick, even if it was mostly just his ‘less is more’ character from Airheads.

Eight Crazy Nights – 2002
This movie is frigin great and is now part of my Christmas tradition.

Anger Management – 2003
Holy shit this movie is bad, despite Jack Nicholson.  Also, Derek Jeter is the worst actor ever.

50 First Dates – 2004
The best part of this movie is 311’s cover of Love Song by The Cure.

Spanglish – 2004
The mediocre reviews kept me away from this one.

The Longest Yard – 2005
The should have called this piece of shit movie The Longest Shit…  because it’s SHIT!

Click – 2006

Reign Over Me – 2007
I like this movie better the first time I saw it when it was called With Honors.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry – 2007
If I was gay, I would sue over this movie.  I still can’t believe it…  this movie would have had to come out the same year as Philadelphia to have made an impression on me…  because I was about 12.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan – 2008
Sigh.  He’s doing an accent again.

Bedtime Stories – 2008
I bet Brendan Fraser was pissed when he heard about this.

Funny People – 2009
Not a bad movie, but sorta pointless.  The best part was when the guy told Adam Sandler to “Fight back!” and Sandler replied, “I don’t know how, I’m a comedian!”

Grown Ups – 2010
I saw the trailer.  That was enough.

Just Go With It – 2011
Jonathan Kim said it all.

Zookeeper – 2011
Another Happy Madison production, another shameless restaurant product placement.

Jack and Jill – 2011
This is it.  This the moment – when you catch yourself playing your own fraternal twin – if you can’t notice now that you’re standing on the edge of a cliff and step back, then hopefully somebody, anybody, will reach out pull you from the brink of insanity.

Somehow, that person is me.  Stop this madness, Adam Sandler.  It’s gone too far and it’s time to get help.  Admit to yourself you have a problem, and you’ve had a problem for a long time.

Once you can admit this to yourself, the healing can begin.

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  1. As it turns out, the product tie in with Jack and Jill is Dunkin Donuts. The plot of the movie centers around Jack’s twin sister Jill coming to visit them. Jack is annoyed by Jill. They go to a Lakers game and meet Al Paccino, who is taken with Jill. Jack needs Al Paccino to do a Dunkin Donuts commercial. Jill must help Jack get the commercial made. Seriously. This is the plot of the movie.

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