NO Jazz Fest

NO Jazz Fest?  Got that right.


Fist to pop onto the site: Arcade Fire. Very Jazzy!

I kept waiting for jazz...

It might be of passing interest to note that the New Orleans Jazz Fest doesn’t seem to headline any jazz artists.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their website and watch the Jazz Fest Headliners image refresh a few times.

The artists load as follows:  Arcade Fire, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett, Kid Rock, John Mellancamp, Wilco, The Neville Brothers (Wikipedia describes them as an American R&B and Soul group; close, not exactly jazz, but at least they’re from New Orleans) and so on.  See the complete list here.

Seriously?  Lauren Hill is also on the roster…  are any of the headliners jazz artists?  It looks like the answer is no – that’s eight different artists appearing at Jazz Fest, and I haven’t found a jazz artist yet, so I give up.  I don’t feel like this is akin to going to a flea market and complaining about a lack of fleas – it shouldn’t be this hard to find the thing you’re looking for when it’s name is in the title of the damn event!

Adding to the irony, the website is ‘‘ – sure, i know the ‘n’ and the ‘o’ stand for ‘New Orleans,’ but its funny that it reads ‘no jazz fest’ as it seems to be a festival that offers very little in the way of jazz.  Maybe they were going for a roster of musical artists who are fans of jazz rather than those that actually play jazz?  I’m no jazz expert, but maybe they could bring in somebody like John Pizzarelli or maybe David Sanborn… he counts as jazz, right?  Are either of those guys going to be there?  I don’t see them on the master list, so probably not – their music sounds too much like jazz!  More than likely, artists who are solicited to participate at Jazz Fest are probably chosen based on their ability to sell tickets rather than their musical style, and I don’t have any problem with that, but just don’t call the festival JAZZ FEST!

image at right: I kept waiting for a jazz artist to pop up, but I had to give up after a while.  Bon Jovi?  Are they effing kidding me?  With each new image, I died a little bit more inside.

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