Ideas For Improving Disney World: Magic Kingdom Edition

While I’ve got the Disney World juices flowing, I thought I would mention a few things that bug me about the parks and take a crack at proposing some solutions.  In the interest of starting with a minor complaint, today’s edition of Ideas For Improving Disney World will start at the Magic Kingdom, where it can be a bitch to get around.

By ‘get around,’ I mean walk – not because the place is huge (although it does cover over 100 acres), but because the Magic Kingdom is generally crowded as it’s Disney World’s most popular park.  There are people everywhere, and they seem to take up more room than they used to:  while I don’t think there is any change in the volume of strollers, it seems like strollers are getting bigger – on the other hand, the volume of wheelchairs seems to have gone way up in my lifetime.

Do you really need all-terrain tires on your stroller?

Do you really need all-terrain tires on your stroller?

Right now, there are essentially two ways to get from one place to another when you’re at the Magic Kingdom:  you can walk, or you can take the strangely named Walt Disney World Railroad – I say strangely named because it only services the Magic Kingdom rather than all of Disney World.

There was a third alternative up until November 9, 1999 – Skyway was a gondola lift that took you from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland, and vice versa.  It closed after an accidental death, and no, the wire didn’t snap like I always thought it would when I was a kid.  Anyway, Skyway was a nice alternative to walking and it was convenient because it cut across the middle of the park – the Walt Disney World Railroad stations are kinda buried at the far edges of the park, but then, I’m sure this cuts the statistical chance of someone getting hit by a train down to a pretty low percentage.

magic kingdom map

The blue circles indicate the Walt Disney World Railroad stops – the red circles show where the Skyway stations used to be, and the red line traces the Skyway’s route.

I’m not advocating that they reopen Skyway – you have to figure the incident that happened at Disneyland was not only inevitable, but probably long over due, statistically speaking – and rerouting or adding extra track to the Walt Disney World Railroad doesn’t seem like a good idea.  I’m proposing that they simply add on to Tomorrowland’s WEDway People Mover and have it trace the old route of the Skyway gondola.  I’m sure they could make the pillar supports look like trees and maybe even modify the design of the WEDway cars so they don’t stick out in Fantasyland, and wouldn’t it be nice if the WEDway People Mover – excuse me:  Tomorrowland Transit Authority – actually took people somewhere?  And the cars are moved by MAGNETS (“How do they work?”); how cool is that?  It’s quiet, clean, and bad ass, and I’m sure the folks at Disney can come up with a way for the end of the ride to dump out into a gift shop.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the Magic Kingdom – sure, it’d be nice if they served some booze (or whatever everyone is doped up on in the Laughing Place), but it’s a family place, I get it.  Now if they could just make it a little easier to beat the crowds once in a while, that’d be awesome.

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