The American Atheists went too far with their billboard, but it should stay up

American Atheists billboard

I wouldn’t call myself a cheerleaders for Christianity or Religion in general.  At best, I can be described as agnostic, and spreading your message is fine, but sometimes, its not necessary to get up in people’s faces in the way the American Atheists have.  On the other hand, I’m sure an atheist could make a great argument that Christmas is in their grill:  it’s on TV, at the mall and on everyone’s lips.

Any Christian worth a salt can tell you that Easter is a higher holy day than Christmas, but that’s just not how things are practiced.  For shiz, I have friends that are Hindu and they celebrate Christmas every year, including throwing up a tree in the living room and Christmas lights on the front of the house.  “It’s just fun,” my buddy told me.  “What could be more American than celebrating Christmas?  You get a day off, watch A Christmas Story ten times, drink some egg nog – it’s pretty much the definition of awesomeness, and I didn’t even get to the presents part yet.”

I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a non-Christian in my area (greater NYC) during the Christmas season, never mind being an atheist.  I’m sure it’s not a ton of fun, and I have no idea what the best way is to deal with it.  But this billboard is not it.  Throwing up a huge image of the Nativity Scene in Jersey (you can see it on the left hand side if you’re traveling eastbound on 495 toward the Lincoln Tunnel) that says ‘You Know It’s A Myth” is not the best way to communicate your message, given that the president of American Atheists has said the goal is to let people know that like minded folks are out there.  They could have went with something like, “Atheists:  This holiday season, you’re not alone” and dropped their website URL.

Free speech is awesome;  I think the billboard should stay up, as I’m willing to put up with people being dicks to keep free speech at it’s highest level…  although I believe its not necessary to be a dick to this extent.  This got the American Atheists a ton of free press, which was probably their objective in the first place.  Oh well.  Maybe next year they’ll put up my suggested ‘Atheists Lonely Hearts Club’ billboard.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

(I’m a ‘Happy Holidays’ kind of guy, which I think covers me for the atheists, too, because I’m referring to New Years as well.  Oh, and all of you ‘War on “Happy Holidays” pundits can go screw.  Saying “Merry Christmas” to strangers (or relative strangers) makes you an asshole.  That’s why we came up with “Happy Holidays,” assholes!  But again, it’s the price we pay for free speech, and I pay it gladly.)

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