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Sorry it’s been a while in between posts, but I was on vacation for a while – yeah, VACATION!  And it was awesome, mind you – TOTALLY AWESOME!  I’m working on a monster post about my trip to Disney World that will probably be available next week.  If you need some prose in the style of the J-Dogg (yeah, I seriously refer to myself as the J-Dogg; well, not seriously) to tide you over until  then, head over to BomberBanter.com, where I rip the Yankees for playing like unmitigated ASS against the Texas Rangers.And speaking of my vacation, I’d like to drop some vacation photos on you.  Sure, they’re not great photos and I didn’t bring my my Canon EOS Digital Rebel because, for all it’s photographic beauty, it’s a heavy bastard, but this will be sufficient for our purposes.  So here’s some Walt Disney World photos , point and shoot style.

beer at epcot food and wine festival 2010

We hooked up this particular beer right where Future World meets the lake – they were offering a selection of 15 different American beers (as part of their International Food and Wine Festival, and if you’re vegan, I hope you like beer, because otherwise, you’re pretty much screwed, unless you like falafel), and it was surprisingly good –  at least I thought it was American… the Smithwick’s was flying off the shelf, in any event (owned by Diageo of London), which we both got one of each of.  You see, they were offering three 6 oz cups for $8, so we jumped on that and were quite satisfied.  We got four other individual beers, but what they were, I can’t remember.  We asked the bartender to give us 2 Smithwicks and the four beers on tap – that’s one way to pick ’em!  (yeah, i probably could have made that picture smaller – and yeah, we had to put the beer on top of a garbage can because they gave us nothing to carry our beer with and there was no place to go – no tables, no chairs, just some planters to sit on and our sad, makeshift table)

EPCOT spaceship earth

If you’re not used to it, EPCOT is a strange place.  No matter where you go, it’s hard to escape Spaceship earth, AKA the Giant Golf Ball, AKA Darth Vader’s testicle… but yeah, there is a slow moving ride inside of there called Spaceship Earth that takes you on a voyage through the history of human communication… I know, it sounds lame… and it kinda is.  But for some reason,  love that stupid ride.  By the end, you’re all the way at the top, which is dope, and you come down to earth backwards… very slowly.  They added some weird interactive stuff at the end to pass the time, but it gets old after the first time you do it.  But yeah, no matter where you go… the Death Star is up in your grill.  Because it’s huge.  19 stories huge.

world showcase japan

OK, that’s not entirely true – you escape the ball.  Once you start walking around the lake (which is a serious walk – it’s why people say EPCOT stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired rather than Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) and walk down a street of a country, like say, Japan, you can escape the shadow of Spaceship Earth, or rather, that which can not be tea bagged.  (I know, I also make myself sick, but it was too obvious, I couldn’t let it go AND HOLY SHIZ, THERE’S A TEA BAG WIKIPEDIA PAGE WITH AN EDUCATIONAL DRAWING!)  But yeah, these lanterns are cool.  That was some sidetrack, huh?

magic kingdom before main street electric parade

I took this picture just because I like the idea of a photo with a zillion people in it.  These people are trying to get the hell out of dodge (that is, the Magic Kingdom) before the Main Street Electrical Parade starts – why they would do that, I don’t know, because frankly, the Main Street Electrical Parade is one of the great achievements by modern man, and I”ll be covering that bad boy in a separate post…  it’s going to be Disney Crazy around here for a while.  Stay tuned!

click here for my Main Street Electrical Parade pics and more

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  1. I must have missed you in Disney by a day or two. I LOVE F&W Festival so we were there for about 2 weeks with a 2 month old Cassy. I agree with you about the Main St. Electrical Parade. Spectromagic sucks, they should keep it in Cali. For us on the “inside” EPCOT stands for Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday & that crazy dash pre & post parade down Main St. USA is called the great stroller derby. Did you go on the new Spaceship Earth? Dame Judi Dench narrates & you get to email yourself a postcard of the future.

    • Wow, what was 2 weeks at Disney with a 2 month old like? Glad you’re with me on the parade thing – the music to Spectromagic just doesn’t do it for me. Yeah, we’re all about the new Spaceship Earth – we LIKE Judi Dench!

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