It’s not easy being green – about road rage

kermit the frogNow ain’t that a bitch?  That is not cool.  Kermit always seemed so chill – what’s the deal with the road rage?

I’m guilty of it; I especially hate this one spot in New Jersey on 208 (by the Nabisco factory) where people ride the exit lane and then cut back on to the high way.  It creates a ton of traffic and if people could control themselves and a bit less self absorbed, the situation would never occur in the first place.  That makes me lose my temper; I don’t let people back in, I beep my horn to the beat of Super Mario Bros or Mars: Bringer of War.  Two different ideas, I agree, but I think the beeping makes the point.  In fact, I once continued to beep at someone for the next 10 minutes.  Yeah, I don’t like to be cut off, and if you cut me off and 10 other people all at once, well – I don’t play that.  Or rather, I play Koji Kondo or  Gustav Holst.

Road rage doesn’t do anyone any good, but if we could work as a society to not do the dumb stuff that causing it in the first place, I think that would make a bigger difference in our lives than we’d ever guess.

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