Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie review

The colors!  The colors!

OK, you don’t need to be on acid to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but it helps… probably.  I neither condone, promote nor ingest acid.  Besides, do you really want Michael Cera popping up in your flashbacks?  I don’t have any problems with the dude, but still!

Spoilers from here on out… Oh, and I’ve never read the graphic novels – just FYI.

Pilgrim lives in Toronto and is in a band, Sex Bob-omb (a fantastic Super Mario Bros reference).  He lives with Kieran Culkin, his gay roommate, who is hilarious, by the way.  He’s currently dating Knives Chau, a high school girl several years his junior, but dreams of Ramona Flowers and then sees her at a library with Knives.  Pilgrim sees her at party he begrudgingly attends and, realizing that she is in fact a real person, introduces himself to no avail.  Convinced she’s the girl of his dreams, he pursues Ramona by ordering something from (which apparently delivers), as she works there.  Before she shows up with his delivery, he dreams of her again, which she explains this as saying she took some sort of shortcut through his mind or something… “I forgot you guys don’t have that up here.”  This concept intrigued me, but I don’t think it ever came up again for the rest of the movie.

The fight scenes reminded me of Marvel vs Capcom more than other fighting games.  Observe:

I liked this movie, but we didn’t get much time to learn things about the evil exes.  If it doesn’t go without saying, I was all about the vegan guy and his vegan powers, not to mention the vegan police.  How awesome was that?  “Chicken’s not vegan?”  Awesome.

I enjoyed this movie; it was a little underdeveloped, but it was a ton of fun.  It’s hilarious, its violent, the performances are great, the sound track kicks butt and the movie gallops along smoothly; can’t expect much more from a movie these days.  Why it got mixed reviews, I can’t say – it was colorful and the camera moved around all over the place, but that’s one of the things that was so great about it.  It was, in some respects, like a comic book come to life, but I think it was a lot more like a really good video game movie.

It’s worth seeing; a romantic comedy with something for everybody.

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