Wolverine #1 2010 comic book review

wolverine #1The horror.

The horror.

Yes, it’s that bad.  Wolverine #1 (2010, so it’s clear which Wolverine #1 I’m talking about) is a total waste of time, money, and certainly not least of all, paper.  What the hell is this crap?  I’m enjoying Wolverine: Weapon X, and I though Wolverine Origins was an inspired series of the highest order, but this…  this is crap.  There isn’t any other word for it.

Logan meets with John Wraith, a buddy from way back in his Weapon X days at his church, where he’s a pastor.  They talk about the darkness inside them, how they’re natural-born killers and what not, which is shtick that’s getting a bit old as far as I’m concerned.  He’s Wolverine, he’s violent, I GET IT!  But here’s the twist:  with Norman Osborn out of the picture and Logan’s new girlfriend, he’s feeling hopeful for the future, for maybe the first time in his life, and it scares him.

So how do we explore this?  The answer should be obvious:  send Logan’s spirit to hell and possess his body with demon spawn (presumably) on earth.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.  It’s bad, so very, very bad.  I just can’t go on another exploratory trip through the depths of Logan’s soul, and I certainly don’t care about the devil (should that be Devil?  Satan?  The issue does start out at a church…) has in store to torture him.  And it sounds like the devil is doing this because he’s bored – as he points out, an eternity of damning folks in every screwed up way he can think of is getting a bit stale.  That’s actually a great way to describe this book; it’s like a moldy piece of bread and I want it as far away from me as possible.

I know it’s still early, and I don’t know where they’re going with this, but I”m not sticking around to find out.  I’m going to stick with Wolverine: Weapon X, and that should be enough Logan for me – not to mention the fact that he’s in the Avengers and the New Avengers and some other X-Men titles…  But therein lies the danger:  what if they decide to let this ridiculous crap run loose through the entire Marvel Universe?  This would be bad.  Very bad.

We can only hope there is some other way of paying the devil his due…  ugh, Daredevil in Shadowland… I’ll get to that one soon!

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