Attention Must Be Paid: Rattrap Bumpkin

Rattrap Bumpkin

Welcome back to the journey into under appreciated creativity.  This feature, Attention Must be Paid, will shine my (however brief and dull) spotlight on something that needs props.  Mad props.  Today, I’d like to shine the light on Rattrap Bumpkin, a band that rocks in their socks.

While I don’t condone the trapping of rats, I do condone Rattrap Bumpkin.  In fact, you might say I condone the shiz out of ’em.  Bumpkin’s press kit says that their goal is to make refreshing music, and that’s as good a way to describe their writing style as any.  Bumpkin brings something new to the table, yet it’s not a bunch of eclectic noise; you won’t go to a bumpkin show and find singer/lyricist/guitarist Michael Benedetto crammed into a chicken costume and banging away on a tambourine while he chants in Sumerian about the plight of North American hot dog vendors.  Their music is smooth, progressive and addictive; one might say its the Kool of crack.  But don’t smoke either of those, they’ve both bad for you.  Besides, Mike will weave a spell you’ll enjoy more than a quick fix inhalant.

Bassist/singer/lyricist Bryan Fraser and drummer Chris Stanis round out the rhythm section.  While Mike is tied to his microphone as the lead vocalist and Chris is at his kit with a fixed look of concentration on his face (because he’s busy blowing your mind), Bryan makes up for any lack of movement by giving you 100% of his performance.  He can’t be stopped, he won’t be stopped; Bryan is a force up there.  I almost want to give him something else to do; as long as he’s got all that energy, why not put together that new desk I got from IKEA?  Everything I’ve ever bought from the Swedes always takes me a year to finish… like trying to learn one of Chris’ drum charts.  Forget it.  It’s too hard.  Don’t try.  The interesting thing is, Chris’ drumming isn’t… I don’t know, overly busy like Neil Pert (who I love, by the way, but the dude is super busy to a fault – which doesn’t mean he isn’t my favorite drummer, because he is), yet there is plenty going on, enough to keep you not just listening, but re-listening.

I could go on, but I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Be sure to check out Rattrap Bumpkin’s website for show dates.  They create and play excellent music and are more than worthy of your attention.  Pay it up.

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