Star Wars Trilogies coming to Blu-ray disc in fall 2011

I was reading about this in the New York Times and I thought, “OK, get your HD on, I’m with that,” because the Star Wars movies have been released a zillion times, but a full HD version is a worthy excuse. I myself have the original trilogy on VHS, VCD (import) and DVD formats – the DVD format is ‘Special Edition,’ but whatcha gonna do? Buy the unaltered version, I suppose… but I can’t be bothered to plop down another $40 bucks just to see Han shoot first.

Then I read the caption under this picture:
A deleted scene from “Star Wars,” the first of the series’ live-action films, coming to Blu-ray.

A deleted scene from “Star Wars,” the first of the series’ live-action films, coming to Blu-ray.

Sorry, come again? Deleted scene, you say? Nice! I don’t think it’s from “Star Wars,” though; that seems to be Luke holding a green light saber, so any fool geek could tell you that this scene must be from “Return of the Jedi.” MUST BE. Suck it, Dave Itzkoff. I assume this scene takes place before or after Luke kicks ass at Jaba’s Palace, presumably when R2-D2 made a comment referencing Luck being a whiny bitch about his power converters in “A New Hope.” Yeah, I know I’m supposed to call that one “Star Wars,” but aside from above, I haven’t done that in like 11 years, so let it go. You can’t say “Star Wars” anymore and expect people to know you’re talking about one specific movie that came out in 1977. Hell, you can’t even say “Clone Wars” without confusing the crap out of people.  I mean geeks.

The Blu-ray version is not going to include the unaltered (or rather, less altered – no one screws around more with his past work than George Lucas) versions of the original trilogy, so ‘Han shot first’ enthusiasts are screwed – at least for a while. At some point, Lucas will want more money and get around to releasing that version, so  just be patient; “for the Jedi it is time to eat as well,” or something.

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