Piranha 3D trailer – feel your IQ dropping

I’m a big fan of roller coasters.  Ever been to Six Flags Great Adventure?  Awesome – Nitro is my favorite.   I bring it up because I’ve always assumed that these sort of horrible movies are supposed to induce a similar sort of pulse pounding thrill; for me, it doesn’t really happen – the movies are too fake.

If you haven’t watched the Piranha 3D trailer yet, go ahead – but have some blueberries or something.  I heard somewhere that every time you sneeze, you lower your IQ a little bit.  Can you imagine what would happen if you sneezed while you were watching this trailer?jay sherman

The trailer speaks for itself.  It’s not fair to review a movie you’ve only seen a trailer for, and reviewing a trailer is pretty asinine, but look at this piece of shiz!  How dumb do they think we are?  Didn’t anyone learn anything from Snakes on a Plane?

Actually, the film industry did learn something – Snakes on a Plane made double it’s budge because people didn’t heed Jay Sherman:  If the movie stinks, just don’t go.

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