Captain America 608 review

If you’ve been reading Captain America of late, you know that Helmut Zemo, the son of Cap and Bucky’s World War II nemesis Baron Zemo, has resurfaced and has been hassling Bucky, the current Captain America, while Steve Rogers is off doing his Avengers/National Security thing.  In this latest issue, Zemo has revealed to the world that not only is the current Cap none other than James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes of WWII fame, but was also the Winter Soldier, a brain washed Cold War assassin.  This isn’t sitting well with the American public.

Volume 5 of Captain America has been, for the most part, a spy/political thriller styled comic book, which is great, and I’m happy with the current storyline, but it’s easy to see where this is going:  Bucky isn’t going to be Cap for much longer, and Steve Rogers will return to his rightful role as the Senital of Liberty.  True, Zemo’s end game is to avenge his father’s apparent failure to kill Bucky during WWII, but destroying his image as Cap with the public will be the true damage done.

Bucky as Cap has been a great ride, and I’ll be sorry when it’s over.  On the other hand, seeing Steve Rogers back in the red, white and blue just seems right, and with the Captain America movie coming out next summer, they aren’t going to want to confuse new comic book buyers too much.  I’m looking forward to seeing Rogers back in the pages of Captain America, and hopefully, we can get a good team up going between the two characters, for at least a little while.

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