North Iowa Tea Party’s anti socialist obama billboard

North Iowa Tea Party’s anti socialist obama billboard

I don’t see how I can take a political party seriously when they’re running ads like this one.  Step into my office, North Iowa Tea Party.

First off, its just bad marketing – all I can learn about your organization, which is new and I know little about, is what I can infer – that you don’t like socialism of any kind.  So why bother to separate them into  categories?  Why not just put all three figures on the billboard together, not separated by anything and just label it, ‘Socialists!’ because by putting these three together, you’re trying to at the very least infer they’re all the same on some level…  Right?  I think that’s what you’re saying.

Who’s praying on the fearful and naive?  Equating Hitler, Lenin and Obama?  Really?  No high school history student could take that seriously.  When Obama orders mass murder, call me.

And stop me if I’m way off, but I read in a few different publications that nearly all Tea Party members describe themselves as supporters of Social Security and Medicare.  Aren’t those socialist programs?  Pretty sure at least one is… the one with ‘social’ in the title, right?

Also, New Hampshire called:  they want their motto back!

Finally, I love that they’re the North Iowa Tea Party.  Iowa has a population of 3,007,856.  I know it’s a big place, but does your state really needs more than one branch of the Tea Party?  Brooklyn has a population of over 2 million…  or maybe its that there was one Iowa Tea Party, but they had to split in two because the South Iowa Tea Party wanted the billboard to read:  “Obama – impeach him because he’s black.  Seriously.”

But whatever, North Iowa Tea Party.

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