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Earlier this month, we headed down to Disney World for a little vacation.

It was fun, but we chose Disney because we wanted to go somewhere warm, and it didn’t really work out that way.  When we arrived on Friday, it was pretty nice, but as the days passed it got steadily colder until Monday night, I was contemplating spending  $54 on a hooded sweatshirt.  We ended up buying hats, and that improved our comfort level a good deal.Dude, what’s the deal with MGM (cough – Disney’s hollywood studios – cough) ?  The staff was totally off target (we nearly went into Muppets 3D without glasses but were saved by another park patron) and it seems like the park hasn’t been overhauled since they opened the place.  True, the Rockin Roller coaster is a welcomed addition (the only ride in all of Disney that goes upside down?), but things need an update – the great movie ride could be a really neat thing, but the interactive part has grown stale (as have the actors) and the movies pathetically out of date (Temple of Doom was a long time ago, and not even the best movie of the Indiana Jones series).   we also did were Tower of Terror and… uhm… yeah that’s it – those four things.

If you saw the pictures, then you know about the new ending to Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.  we did it twice – It was really hilarious the first time as the camera didn’t pick me up, so it was just my girlfriend’s head, doing all sorts of amusing things in the future.  The photos are from the second time – my sister was wondering what they could have changed to make the end of the ride interesting ( as opposed to nothing, which is what they were doing previously), and when my sister says to bring her back a full report, there’s no effing around, no what I’m saying?

We ate at nine dragons at EPCOT twice – it was good, but the portions weren’t that exciting.  We were able to eat without reservations, but this may have been because the first time was during ‘after hours’ and the second time was around 9 pm.  We also ate at our hotel several times – very good pasta.  as for the magic kingdom, it was veggie burgers and the fixins bar for us – none of the cool stuff was open; maybe its seasonal…

i finally got to do Mission Space, an over glorified graviton that produces 2.5 g force – not much after Great Adventure’s Kinga Ka, but it was pretty neat anyway –  it’s all about the presentation.  Gary Sinese was a nice touch.

we also ran over to animal kingdom and pretended it wasn’t a zoo – fortunately, we didn’t have to see any unhappy prisoners.  I do like all the trees and plants though – Disney could use more trees on their property.  the reason for the venture was for two things:  expedition everest and dinosaur – dinosaur was way lamer than i remembered it, but at least it was educational.  Everest was unlike any roller coaster I’ve ever been on – it wasn’t the fastest or the craziest, but it was different.  i wont ruin the surprise for you.  anyway, we did those 2 things and left.

We also wandered over to downtown Disney, where my girlfriend placated my fascination with seeing movies in movie theaters I’ve never been to before.  It’s a pretty nice AMC with posh seats and what not.  We saw Charlie Wilson’s War, which was OK, but felt a little underdeveloped.

oh yeah – while our hotel’s campus was beautiful, it was a bit too sprawling for my taste.  we spent too much time walking around, and no one told us about the additional bus stops around the campus.  I recommend the other New Orleans hotel – it looked way smaller.  Apparently, it’s always all booked up

In the end, we had a great time and got to ignore the world for a few days!

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