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Playing with the StarWars.com Soundboard

StarWars.com has set up an official Soundboard, which is a great idea. People love Star Wars, people love soundboards, so kaboom – it’s like peanut butter and jelly… or a ration bar and some blue milk, I guess. Anyway, let’s play!
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Star Wars Rebels LOOKS Disney-riffic, FEELS like Clone Wars

Now that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is over on Cartoon Network, we’re getting Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. The trailer isn’t giving us much, but Disney/Star Wars has dropped a bunch of "meet the characters" styled shorts, and they’re much more revealing. Read the rest of this entry

Unnecessarily Awesome: Star Wars Tow Hitch

We don’t have the need for a tow hitch, but if I was towing something, I would certainly have to rock a Darth Vader tow hitch. If I was towing something super heavy, I’d have to tell the tow hitch, "Impressive – most impressive." As far as I can tell, there’s no way to make them light up… which would probably be distracting to other drivers and is a completely unnecessary feature as well as totally useless, but would still be cool. Oh well… I don’t need this product anyway.

Disney World vs Disneyland: Star Tours

The biggest difference between Star Tours at Disneyland and Star Tours at Walt Disney World is where the attraction is located.

That’s it.

You see, if you’re at Disneyland, you’ll need to head over to Tomorrowland (at light speed, I presume), where as if you’re at Walt Disney World, you’ll need to bypass the Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and wander over to Star Tours. I should mention that the outside of the ride at DHS is superior – it looks like Endor out there – but that’s about it. Once you get inside, it’s the exact same thing. The waiting areas are identical. The scratched up 3D glasses are identical. (Maybe make these not so crappy and have them look like the podracer goggles, because, you know… you’re Disney.) The ride is identical. Read the rest of this entry

Vampire Diaries – surely it’s a sign of End Times

This… this… Vampire Academy…  what?  The only thing more unbelievable than the fact that this show exists is the fact that it’s called Vampire Academy.  Talk about not burying the lead, huh?  Why not just call it, Harry Potter, But With Vampires!  This is the stupidest, most ridiculous, laziest flaming pile of feces that I’ve ever heard of.  This idea makes Percy Jackson look original and classy.  This is the very worst the vampire craze could ever get and surely a sign that nearly every vampire possibility can be exploited.  I assume they’ll get even more lazy the next time and just go straight up Vampires in Space, Like, You Know, Star Wars – But With Vampires.

Which Star Wars Character Are You? quiz fail


This’ll teach me to take online quizzes.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Christmas Ornaments


This section of our Christmas tree is particularly safe thanks to these Star Wars: The Clone Wars Christmas Ornaments because light sabers and shiz. Ah, the magic of the Holidays and the power to dismember your enemies – it’s my kind of Christmas!

Star Wars and Marvel Outdoor Christmas Decorations make my brain go KABOOM!

Last year, I saw this Yoda outdoor Christmas decoration at the store and my mind was, to some degree, blown. This year, by brain is getting the Maxell treatment.

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About Selfies

In today’s post, I promise you Star Wars! I promise you smack talk about members of Congress! And most of all, I promise you a discussion the newest word in the dictionary, selfie.

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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – The ‘Eyes’ have it!


Get it?  Get it?!?  You get it.  Pun-tastic!

Darth Vader Alarm Clock is NOT Strong with the Force

Some items don’t need to be made.  As I touched on in the Spider-Man pogo stick post, I understand why a brand is paired with a product (to make money), but it doesn’t have to be done badly.   Like this Darth Vader Alarm Clock.  This is crap.

darth-vader-alarm-clockSo why does it suck so bad?  Because it barely does anything! Read the rest of this entry

The best notepad EVER


Even if it’s the most awkwardly shaped.  Still, as always, good advice from Master Yoda.

Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – Special Edition (quick movie review)

star-wars-episode-vi-return-of-the-jediI find that the special edition of Episode VI goes back and forth – some changes I like, some changes I don’t.  I don’t like that they changed the song in Jabba’s Palace and brought it to the forefront of the scene – in the original, the song seemed like something that was happening in the background.  On the other hand, I did like the edition of the monster in the Sarlac pit – I prefer something there instead of nothing, or rather, a big hole in the ground that burps.  Of course, after this Special Edition, we got yet another change where Sebastian Shaw is replaced with Hayden Christensen in the finale ghost scene, which makes sense because… no, I don’t know why that makes sense.  But I did like seeing victory over the Empire all over galaxy, particularly when they pull down the statue.  Anyway, I can go either way on Jedi, so I leave it up to ya’ll.

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Star Wars, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back – Special Edition (quick movie review)

star-wars-episode-v-empire-strikes-back-special-editionI find this one to be the least offensive of the special editions.  Hell, I think I’d go so far as to say that I like the I like that we get to see the monster in the cave on Hoth, and I like that they made Cloud City look like a city instead of some place where nobody lives or works.  They didn’t change much – I think this (like the entire series) is where they got the special edition right.  On the other hand, that part where they show Darth Vader going back to his Super Star Destroyer seems awkward – that line, “Tell them to prepare for my arrive” or whatever the hell he says doesn’t really sound like James Earl Jones.  I also think that in every single version of the Empire Strikes Back, you hear Luke’s lightsaber close down in the cave on Hoth before you actually see it, but maybe I’m just imagining things.

Anyway, Empire rocks, and for the most part, I think the Special Edition modifications are helpful rather than hurtful.

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Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope – Special Edition (quick movie review)

star-wars-special-editionOf the three Special Editions, I’d say Episode IV is the one where they went the most amok.  The new stuff just feels like filler, especially the Mos Eisley bumps.  I’m fine with the added Jabba the Hutt scene, even if it looks like crap – although admittedly the DVD version looks way better than it did in its theatrical release (I haven’t seen the Blu Ray version yet).  I’ve already talked about the  Han Shot First thing (as has everyone on earth), so I’ll let that lie.  The only welcome changes were the extra ships in the climactic battle scene, and they didn’t exactly thrill me, but they certainly didn’t bother me.  I say stick to the original.

It’s so cold that…

The Brian Lehrer Show has come up with a way to make a game out of how cold it is here in the greater New York City area with the hash tag #ItsSoColdThat.  Here is my contribution:


9 Nerdy Christmas Gifts I Received

I hope everybody had a great Christmas – I sure did, as you will see.  Whoever said it is better to give than to receive didn’t get these nerdy Christmas gifts that prove once and for all that some people just get me.  Here’s what I got in no particular order:

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Yoda Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Yoda is rocking the Christmas spirit – too bad his light saber doesn’t have a handle.  Oh and the tip of the light saber is kinda…  Yeah.

I guess Yoda’s design is based off The Clone Wars…  I guess that’s what kids would most easily recognize…  What a strange, modern world we live in!

The inevitable bar scene in the new Star Wars Trilogy

You know it’s coming – the New Star Wars Trilogy will have a bar scene and it will be crammed with characters, just like the classic bar scene in Episode IV and the crappy one in Episode II. But now, there could be DISNEY CHARACTERS up in that piece. Which Disney characters will make the cut?

I predict Captain Jack Sparrow will be there, slurring all over the protagonist. "Fast ship? You’ve never heard of the Black Pearl?" Maybe that robot asshole from Star Tours will be a waiter or something. Maybe there will be a fish tank behind the bar with Dori swimming around. What if Captain Sparrow has a dog co pilot? That could be Pongo, the dad dog from 101 Dalmatians. Or Baloo from Jungle Book. Maybe Iago from Aladdin could be his wise cracking parrot. Maleficent, the antagonist from Sleeping Beauty would look good just sitting there – or, maybe she could show up as a Sith Lord – she certainly looks the part. Or maybe Gaston from Beauty in the Beastcould be the bar tender. "I’m especially good at expectorating! In your drink! Ten points for Gaston!" And Cruella Deville has a very Star Warsy look, don’t you think? Or Disney could just go all out and have the Genie from Aladdin be the bar tender and have Robin Williams go off for ten minutes. "What, you want a drink? How about some blue milk? You don’t like that? Then I was mistaken… about a great. Many. Things. Oh boy, I think this blue milk has gone bad! I have a bad feeling about this! Luke, I am your father!"

I’m just spit balling here, but you get the potential. Anyway, if Jack Sparrow shows up as the new Captain of the Millennium Falcon, I’m out.

Disney buys Lucas Film, Promises Star Wars Episode VII by 2015, which will be about THIS!

FYI: Hurricane Sandy is still inhibiting my ability to post on a regular basis and I have no idea when that will stop. I hope everyone is safe and fortified as the siege continues!

If you don’t know, I’m a Star Wars Nerd (please don’t say Geek -for some reason, I think that would associate me with The Big Bang Theory in some way, and I do not want that), and although the prequels ultimately made me question my faith in humanity, I’m still a fan. So, I can’t help but speculate – what will Episode 7 be about?

George Lucas has reportedly written a treatment for Episodes 7, 8 and 9 but will not write or direct (which is probably for the best), but if he’s giving them 10 or 12 pages of story to work with (and I don’t see Lucas adapting any stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe), odds are, Episode VII will go something like this, because this is what Episode I and IV were roughly about:

1. A wise old mentor (Luke Skywalker) takes a young man under his wing (one of Leia and Han’s kids)
2. The wise old mentor dies in the second or third act
3. The young man becomes the hero of the day

It’s a long way until 2015, but we can speculate because speculating is fun! Who knows what we’ll actually get, but for now, there is no reason to believe that we won’t get something fun to watch.


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