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I told my dog there are going to be three more Avatar movies – here's his reaction

“Hey Conny, guess what?!? There’s going to be three more Avatar movies!”


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Saturday Dog Blog 9/6/14


As you can see, poor Conny is going through a full shed. I can’t keep up with it. That’s life with a husky!

Frozen! (dog photo)


This is completely amazing to me: he’s standing in the snow, but there’s no dog tracks. The snow is totally frozen!

Dogs vs (toy) Batman [video]

Sometimes the dogs get a toy and beat the crap out of it together – the toy never stood a chance.  In this case, it was tough to watch Batman get torn apart, but that’s life, I guess.

TECHNICAL NOTES:This was filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited in Adobe Premiere – the images were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Konny on Kony 2012 [Video]

My Siberian Husky posts a response video to all of the Kony 2012 videos.  Konny is very talkative and opinionated, so it’s only natural that he’d have an opinion on the Kony 2012 thing.


I filmed this video with my phone (Samsung Infuse 4G) and added the titles with Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.

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Dogs Wrestling

Just a quick video of my dogs wrestling.  They do this just about every day – I guess it’s good exercise, because they’re both in great shape.

(Just to be clear, dog wrestling is entirely different than dog fighting, which is one of the worst things ever.)

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I’m reviewing Winter Soldier & X-Factor at ACB!


"Psh... I'm the REAL Winter Soldier!"

Since I’ve been contributing at AComicbookBlog.com, I’ve been reviewing crap – at least for the most part.  But now, I get to talk about something awesome:  Winter Soldier!  Ed Brubaker’s one of my favorite writers, so the fact that he’s got another book out and I get to review it is awesome.

And speaking of my favorite writers, I’ve also taken over the duties of reviewing X-Factor, written by Peter David, who I had the good fortune to interview last year.

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Siberian Husky Goes Bonkers

I shot this quick video with my Samsung Infuse 4G. This time, I uploaded the video directly to YouTube from my phone as opposed to the last video I shot with this my phone’s video camera, which I imported to my PC and then into Adobe Premier and finally uploaded to YouTube. I tend to not favor these sort of pointless videos, but it’s short in length and it’s fun to watch Conny run around like a crazy man – not to mention that this was a test I was interested to see the results of and will settle the question of whether or not I need editing software on my phone.

(Wow – video editing software on a cell phone. Things have changed since Zack Morris’ cell phone on Saved by the Bell!)

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Dogs Playing in the Backyard – Samsung Infuse 4G Video Camera Test

NOTE:  When I edited this, I screwed up the resolution.  This video is a much better example of the Infuse 4G’s video capabilities.

This video was taken with my Samsung Infuse 4G.  I thought I’d be able to do some simple edits in Windows Movie Maker, but no such luck – WMM can’t import .mp4 files.  There are conversion programs, but when you’re dealing with video editing software as primitive as WMM, why bother?

In any case, I have to say that I’m impressed with the video quality.  Sure, it’s not amazing, but for a cell phone, it’s pretty nice.  There are some manual controls and some automatic white balance controls that rivals some presets I’ve had available to me on some old camcorders.

Since I got this phone, people keep asking me if I like it, and I can’t really answer that question.  The Samsung Infuse 4G is my first smart phone, so I don’t really have any frame of reference to do a comparison with.  What I can say is it does everything I want it to do:  takes pictures (has a flash), takes video (max setting is 1280 x 720), works as a video/MP3 player and has external storage as well as internal storage.  I thought I would have trouble adjusting to typing on a touch screen, but it’s a lot easier to get used to then I thought it would be.

In any case, the video camera works well and has more manual controls then I would expect for a camera phone, but I don’t have any idea how well it stacks up against the competition.

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Digital Video Still: Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky

Now that I’m embarking onto a foray into digital video (I started in VHS-C, then moved to Digital 8… which was probably a step in the wrong direction), I’m experimenting with capturing a Digital Video Still Image from a video.  The technique I’ve used here is about as low tech as it gets – I simply did a screen grab from the YouTube video I posted of my  Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky playing in the snow.  I dropped that in Microsoft Paint (again, extremely low tech), cropped out what I didn’t want and boom, there you go.

dogs in the snow

Click the picks to enlarge.



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