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I saw The Bluesmobile!


I saw this in a CVS parking lot in Paramus, NJ.  It was a great day for movie fandom!  Read the rest of this entry

The 15 Best Comedies of the 1980s

If you grew up during the 1980s (or were simply alive) and you watched movies, you know that nobody makes comedies like that anymore.  I guess the threat of total nuclear annihilation is a good incentive to leave it all out on the field, because back then, people would commit!  As such, here today I humbly present to you my own picks for the 10 Best Comedies of the 1980s in no particular order.

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Dracula Untold movie review

Way back when I first saw the trailer, I thought both “Do we really need to remake everything?” and “This looks awful” simultaneously.  Now that I’ve seen the film, I’ve upgraded Dracula Untold to “eh” from “meh.”  (If you’re keeping score at home, this means I’m no longer dismissing the film and I’m now recognizing that it exists and is not the worst thing to happen to vampires since Twilight.)  Read the rest of this entry

Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie review

I love the highly stylized drama that is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The amazing performances and directing keep bringing me back to this movie even 20 years later.  So… yeah.  I like this movie.  Read the rest of this entry

One can never “Unwatch” Battlefield Earth


“My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

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30 Years of The Breakfast Club and why we’re better for it


The Breakfast Club is the sort of movie that doesn’t come along very often.  I wouldn’t even say it’s the sort of movie that comes along as often as once a generation (depending on your definition) – anyway, I think it’s that rare and it’s that good.  This is John Hughes and the Brat Pack’s finest hour, but what makes a movie so stark and static so amazing?   Read the rest of this entry

American Buffalo movie review

F@ck you!  This is a review of American Buffalo, you piece of shiz! I know about people, okay, I know about FRIENDSHIP – I understand relationships, and movies, and how stage plays translate to film, God D@mn it!  David Mamet! And f@ck you if you don’t like it because MAMET, MOTHER F@CKER!  Who the hell are you to tell me how to review American Buffalo?  You go straight to hell!  Read the rest of this entry


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