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I told my dog today was Halloween – here's his reaction

Ha, that face says it all, doesn’t it? Much to my surprise, Rocky seems to like wearing clothing. On the other hand, this Batman costume comes with a headpiece that none of our dogs will wear – not that I blame them. I do wish they’d make these costumes more like t-shirts, though. If it’s the right size, it’s surprisingly easy to get a dog into a t-shirt.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

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I told my dog there are going to be three more Avatar movies – here's his reaction

“Hey Conny, guess what?!? There’s going to be three more Avatar movies!”


"Can't reminisce, sleeping."

Here is just the latest in sleeping photos of Rocky that require me to crop his junk out of the frame. Such is a dog’s life.

Incidentally, "Mother Simpson" remains one of my favorite one shot characters. Lots of great jokes in that episode.

Saturday Dog Blog


Maggie was all, “I’m your faithful companion and I’m in it till the end. Let’s fix these shelves…  Oh, still not done, huh?  Ok, goodnight.”

Saturday Dog Blog 9/6/14


As you can see, poor Conny is going through a full shed. I can’t keep up with it. That’s life with a husky!

Thoughts on Game of Thrones, episode 2, season 1

game-of-thrones-logoI don’t recall the exact title of the second episode of season 1, but might I suggest “don’t touch my human?” I gotta tell you, Game of Thrones, it’s one step forward then two steps back with you.
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Television Reflection Photography – doggy style

Sometimes, the sun hits a tube television in just the right way and you get a great mirror effect, which I was able to utilize in this photo of Maggie, our resident golden retriever. If you’re in the right place at the right time of day and have a tube television in the right spot, this is a fun thing to play with!

Look, it’s the dog from the Audi Super Bowl commercial – in toy form!


Sure looks like the famed Doberhuahua to me. What an odd commercial; but I liked the Sarah McLaughlin part.

Sure was a down year for Super Bowl commercials, huh? The worst year I can remember – and yet the best half time show… In what, a decade? At least.

A FLY ON THE WALL: Developing Budweiser’s Puppy Love

Welcome back to A Fly On The Wall, a feature that listens in on conversations that may or may not have ever actually occurred. This time, we’ll use our fly power to listen in on a development meeting at Budweiser so we can better understand how they came up with their hit Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love “.

It’s time to develop our Super Bowl 2014 ad!

Super Bowl XLVIII.


Never mind. So what are you thinking about for this year?

Winning. I want to win the Super Bowl commercials.

I gotcha – you want to have the ad that the viewers like the best.

Exactly. How do we do that?

That’s easy: puppies.
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That is the most skeptical dog photo I've ever seen

I’m all about adopting dogs, yet I must point out that the tag line and the expression on that dog’s face are perhaps the two most contrary things to ever appear in any advertisement. EVER.


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