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GAP’s new “Gauntlet” ad reminds us holidays are terrible because we have to spend them with our family

This new GAP ad entitled “Gauntlet” features a young lady making the introductory rounds at a family gathering.  Considering this ad just launched, it’s a safe bet that this is targeted to the 2014 holiday season… and it might sorta be the best ad ever. Read the rest of this entry

Oh Hai, Nissan! Why’s your ad crazy?

I know it’s October and Halloween is on everyone’s mind, but jeez, Nissan – pump the proverbial breaks, would ya?   Read the rest of this entry

Coca Cola is officially out of advertising ideas (truth in #advertising – #shareacoke)

Singing. Polar Bears. Celebrities. Coca Cola has literally tried it all when it comes to getting you to buy their products. Heck, they’ve even co opted Santa.

Now, they’ve co opted your name.

Yes, Coca Cola’s #shareacoke campaign is banking on the idea that you will buy a product simply because your name, or that of someone you know, is on a bottle of soda. But they’re hoping for more than that – by modifying their labels, they’re sacrificing their precious branding. They’re hoping that their current customers don’t walk past their soda on store shelves, mistaking it for a different brand. They’ve pinned the success of this campaign on the chance that we, the consumer, will recognize their color scheme and font choice. It’s as bold as it is absurd. (Oh, and I guess they’re hoping we go on social media and post things like "I #shareacoke with @creativejamieDC! Because GRAMMAR!"

On the other hand, the campaign got my attention, so maybe they’re doing something right… but of course, I didn’t buy a soda, so I guess the point is moot.

"Get out of my mouth!" (truth in #advertising)

Today exciting episode of truth in advertising:

The site’s ad vender is experimenting with these image ads that pop up on top of images. In this case, it’s put this blond woman’s head in my mouth. Worse things have happened to me in my life, but this situation is far from ideal. Still, it’s kinda funny looking, though.

Eyeglass frames model photoshopped? (truth in advertising)

Photoshopping models is nothing new, but it’s something that’s outside of my experience. I’ve heard about it in the news, but I kinda live in a model free world as I don’t read magazines or observe the sort of still images where the said photoshopped models images exist. That all changed after my How to Buy Eyeglasses post.
Read the rest of this entry

That is the most skeptical dog photo I've ever seen

I’m all about adopting dogs, yet I must point out that the tag line and the expression on that dog’s face are perhaps the two most contrary things to ever appear in any advertisement. EVER.

“I’ll love you forever… or murder you in your sleep! Naw, I’m just gonna pee on the rug when you oversleep. It’s really your fault.”

Papa Johns does what now?


I’ve got to start spending less time paying attention to what it says on the pizza boxes. These Papa John’s Pizza boxes are becoming a real distraction in my life! There should not be 2 posts on this website devoted to what is written or shown on a Papa Johns pizza box. Nevertheless, I would love to know what Papa Johns does that no one else will do. Sounds filthy, no?

Planned Parenthood might need help with their ad campaign (Truth in Advertising)

planned-parenthood-advertisementSo…  Planned Parenthood is keeping us safe for romance?  That… I don’t exactly know what that means.  It makes it sounds like Planned Parenthood will be fluttering around you at all times, as if they’re The Great Gazoo or something, help you get it on.

I presume they mean they’ll provide some means of birth control and screen you for STDs… but I guess that doesn’t really pop on a banner ad.  It makes more sense to say ‘keeping you safe for romance,’ which sounds to me like, “Don’t forget to stretch before you bang!” or “make an appointment” so they can help you get in the proper shape so you don’t pull a muscle or something.

Maybe a better question is, why does planned parenthood need to run a banner campaign?  Do people really not know that planned parenthood exists?  I admit, I’m not really sure where my local branch is, but I’m sure a quick Google search would take care of that.  I guess it’s for the kids.  Kids these days, huh?  With the X-Box and the Facebook and the what not… and they don’t know… what the sex… is all about!

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