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Coca Cola is officially out of advertising ideas (truth in #advertising – #shareacoke)

Singing. Polar Bears. Celebrities. Coca Cola has literally tried it all when it comes to getting you to buy their products. Heck, they’ve even co opted Santa.

Now, they’ve co opted your name.

Yes, Coca Cola’s #shareacoke campaign is banking on the idea that you will buy a product simply because your name, or that of someone you know, is on a bottle of soda. But they’re hoping for more than that – by modifying their labels, they’re sacrificing their precious branding. They’re hoping that their current customers don’t walk past their soda on store shelves, mistaking it for a different brand. They’ve pinned the success of this campaign on the chance that we, the consumer, will recognize their color scheme and font choice. It’s as bold as it is absurd. (Oh, and I guess they’re hoping we go on social media and post things like "I #shareacoke with @creativejamieDC! Because GRAMMAR!"

On the other hand, the campaign got my attention, so maybe they’re doing something right… but of course, I didn’t buy a soda, so I guess the point is moot.

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"Get out of my mouth!" (truth in #advertising)

Today exciting episode of truth in advertising:

The site’s ad vender is experimenting with these image ads that pop up on top of images. In this case, it’s put this blond woman’s head in my mouth. Worse things have happened to me in my life, but this situation is far from ideal. Still, it’s kinda funny looking, though.

Eyeglass frames model photoshopped? (truth in advertising)

Photoshopping models is nothing new, but it’s something that’s outside of my experience. I’ve heard about it in the news, but I kinda live in a model free world as I don’t read magazines or observe the sort of still images where the said photoshopped models images exist. That all changed after my How to Buy Eyeglasses post.
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That is the most skeptical dog photo I've ever seen

I’m all about adopting dogs, yet I must point out that the tag line and the expression on that dog’s face are perhaps the two most contrary things to ever appear in any advertisement. EVER.

Papa Johns does what now?


I’ve got to start spending less time paying attention to what it says on the pizza boxes. These Papa John’s Pizza boxes are becoming a real distraction in my life! There should not be 2 posts on this website devoted to what is written or shown on a Papa Johns pizza box. Nevertheless, I would love to know what Papa Johns does that no one else will do. Sounds filthy, no?

Planned Parenthood might need help with their ad campaign (Truth in Advertising)

planned-parenthood-advertisementSo…  Planned Parenthood is keeping us safe for romance?  That… I don’t exactly know what that means.  It makes it sounds like Planned Parenthood will be fluttering around you at all times, as if they’re The Great Gazoo or something, help you get it on.

I presume they mean they’ll provide some means of birth control and screen you for STDs… but I guess that doesn’t really pop on a banner ad.  It makes more sense to say ‘keeping you safe for romance,’ which sounds to me like, “Don’t forget to stretch before you bang!” or “make an appointment” so they can help you get in the proper shape so you don’t pull a muscle or something.

Maybe a better question is, why does planned parenthood need to run a banner campaign?  Do people really not know that planned parenthood exists?  I admit, I’m not really sure where my local branch is, but I’m sure a quick Google search would take care of that.  I guess it’s for the kids.  Kids these days, huh?  With the X-Box and the Facebook and the what not… and they don’t know… what the sex… is all about!

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Spock vs Spock commercial is genuinely entertaining (Truth in Advertising)

I’ve been entertained by a commercial. I can’t believe it. Mind blown. Perspective on life altered.

Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock are back together again and this time, it’s for all the marbles – or who buys lunch. I’m not sure if there’s anything funnier than Leonard Nimoy cursing. What can you say? I’m not going to run out and buy an Audi, but this ad more than exceeded my expectations.

Not sure what this has to do with the product, per say (except that Leonard Nimoy’s car can’t fit a set of golf clubs in it’s trunk as easily as Zachary Quinto’s car can), but there you go.

Oh Google Ads, you so crazy!

I presume that Google Ads are served based on page content and user traffic history, but how this combo of ads gets served, I have no idea. Also, neither of these ads interest me, so congratulations, Google Ads: you gave me a good chuckle while making no revenue for your clients.

What’s that, you say? Google Ads is serving all sorts of weird PSAs on CreativeJamie.com? The hell you say….

Truth in Advertising: Ford

It’s been a long time since we last walked down this road, but today, we’ll give Truth in Advertising another whirl.

ford-escape-my-life-advertismentHere we have Ford’s new campaign, “Escape my life!” which I believe is about a woman who has a new Ford… and I guess she’s using it to escape her life… or something.  It’s a new phase in advertising as this campaign is based around a web series rather than a traditional print, commercial and radio campaign, but why anyone would want to watch a web series that makes no attempt to hide the fact that it’s selling something is hard for me to understand – but, I guess we have to respect their honesty.

Hmm… the campaign is called “Escape my life!” and the woman seems to be intentionally driving without using her hands…  You know, as a former Ford customer, I wouldn’t necessarily call them the most value retaining vehicles on the road today, but my car certainly doesn’t make me want to kill myself.  (On the other hand, I am patiently waiting for the car to die…)  I’m sure that’s not the point, and I’m sure they’re not saying their cars are death traps (“Hey, don’t bother steering – you’re screwed no matter what!”), but this might not be the best image for them to use in this campaign.

Just saying.

Even a snow shovel can be extreme

Some Tuesday morning rambling for ya:

I would think that any old snow shovel would do, but these days, a snow shovel can be extreme!  Meet the diamondback snow shovel; a product so extreme that it has a snake on it! 


Now think about what it’s like to shovel snow in reality.

Less extreme, right? 

I guess that the marketing guy at Snow Shovels Inc can’t say, “It’s just a shovel, but don’t worry, people will buy it because they have to shovel snow.”  He has to come into the room screaming about how awesome the shovel is with “I am a real American” blaring out of a boom box, screaming things about “the snow master 6001!  Introduce winter to hell!

Anyway, I just thought it was funny that somebody thought a cartoon snake would increase snow shovel sales.  And I’m glad we haven’t had much on the way of snow yet.

Perhaps the best ad I’ve ever seen on Facebook

Those ads on the right side of Facebook sure are… I dunno, ineffective? The ones I notice are always politically driven and nowhere close to my own political ideologies… that is, until the one I saw today.

You may have once heard that Donation was the greatest nation on earth. That may not be wrong, but it should be pointed out that not only does this ad promise to pay those that donate sperm, but the ‘Got Sperm?’ slogan along with the sperm as the question mark is positively genius! (Have to wonder if the ‘Got Milk?’ guy is pissed, though.) I bet this ad does well from an ROI perspective.


Truth in Advertising: Lowe’s

What if advertisers had to tell the truth in their ads? Lowe’s ad might look something like this:


Because…  you know… Lowe’s sells lots of materials for home improvements, and if you stop improving your home…  they don’t have a whole lot of products to sell you.  So Lowe’s would be fucked if you stopped improving your home, is what I’m saying.




Advertising has always fascinated me – even as a kid, I was interested in commercial jingles.  Jingles were a big deal back then – Coca-Cola was busy back peddling from their “New Coke” recipe, so they always wanted to remind us that you “Can’t beat the real thing,” which in turn meant that they had to re-brand their original product as “Coca-Cola Classic.”  Rice-a-Roni was “the San Francisco Treat,” and those mother fuckers would never let you forget it.  Ever.  They ran that shit right into the ground, over and over – that jingle is just as imbedded in my brain as the theme song to He-Man, Thundercats and all 7 notes to the theme from Voltron.  (Who would have guessed the defenders of the universe would be such lazy composers?)
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Jesus Ad



So… what do we have here?  This is pretty strange advertisement.
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Life Stinks?


I really thought this was a suicide prevention website, but no – it’s a cat litter ad. So… there it is.

Musings (May 29, 2012)

Just a few random musings on a sleepy afternoon…
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Web Advertisers Think We’re Stupid [Part 2]

54-year-old-manThis guy is 54 years old?  I don’t buy it.  Are those eyebrow wigs?  They look like they are about to crawl off his face.  Maybe they meant he’s fifty four hundred years old or something…  I don’t get why his age is important for me to know when I’m deciding if I want to click on an ad to buy solar panels.  What a strange advertisement.

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Web Advertisers Think We’re Stupid

This has got to be one of the worst advertisements I’ve ever seen on the web. I assume this is an ad for some investment website. (I didn’t actually click on the ad.) This guy is a ‘renegade trader,’ huh? I guess we know he’s a ‘renegade’ because of his photo – the crazy eyes, the unkempt hair and beard… look at that face! If I had any money, I’d trust it to his investment advice.

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New York Film Academy Ad Gives Dorks Hope Of Meeting Women Who Will Understand Them

Look at this ad.  Just look at it!


"Say, after we're done here, would either of you be interested in seeing the inside of a van? Wait, where are you going?"

You’ve got a female camera operator, a female assistant director holding the clap board and the director… well, I’m pretty sure he’s the comic relief character on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Deck” or whatever the hell that show is called these days.  But seriously, when else would young ladies who look like that ever hang out with Sir Dweeb Fro-A-Lot?  Look at his face!  He knows it!  In fact, he knows that as soon as the shoot is over, he’s going back to his dorm room to resume being sad.

Just like this kid goes back to his dressing room in between takes and does another line – just trying to make it through the day.


"This episode was really existential for me."

If you want to learn about film, maybe go to New York Film Academy – you might learn something, I have no idea.  What I am telling you is that if you look like that kid, going to NYFA is not going to help you score with the ladies.

Republican Governors Association Using Scott Walker’s Union Busting To Raise Money

The Republican Governors Association is running this ad:


If you clicked on this ad (well, you cannot click on this ad on this site, but I saw it on YouTube – there is a corresponding commercial, too), it takes you to a page where you can donate money to the RGA.

Before I say anything about the situation in Wisconsin, I have a question about the format of this ad:  why are the words ‘the,’ ‘as’ and ‘we’ italicized?  Why is ‘Scott Walker’ in a different font than ‘Support’ and ‘defend,’ and maybe the rest of the ad?  I would also argue against using the word ‘defend’ in an ad – although not from a legal standpoint, the word ‘defend’ tends to imply that somebody did something wrong, and that’s not the sort of message I would want to convey in my ad.  If anybody wants a quick lesson in photoshop (or the basic logic that is employed when creating an ad) , I’m happy to oblige.

I just don’t understand why Governor Walker wants to take away the union’s rights to collectively bargain.  In my view, that pretty much dissolves the union, and just because you’re wearing a suit and not brandishing a baseball bat doesn’t make you any better than your union busting predecessors.  I’ve heard the argument that unions have outlived their usefulness, but I tend to disagree – of course, the people I’ve heard make that argument are rich people who don’t need a union’s protection.

It’s a matter of record that the Republican National Committee has over $20 million dollars of debt, and I don’t know if that figure includes any debt owed by the RGA or if this ad is how they’re trying to raise money, but I certainly hope not.  I don’t understand how Republicans (in general, not specifically Gov. Walker) can make the argument that they favor fiscal responsibility when the most recent Republican president outspent every other administration in history (including President Reagan, and that’s impressive) and their National Committee spent over $20 million they didn’t have on election expenses.  $20 million dollars is a lot; it’s like they over spent by $20 bucks or $20,000. – and that’s what taking away collective bargaining is all about, right?  Saving money?  Or at least, that’s the argument I’ve been hearing, but not understanding.

It’s OK to ask people to donate money to your cause, but when it’s busting a union, that’s a tough sell, not to mention that it feels inappropriate in a, “we-need-money-to-keep-from-paying-people-a-negotiated-wage” sort of way.  Depriving people of the right to assemble and reason out their differences seems to go against the American way – isn’t that what we’re all about?

I welcome debate on this!  Drop some comments!


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