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The Hundred-Foot Journey (quick movie review)

The Hundred-Foot Journey features great photography, color pallet and a marvelous cast that brings their A game, but as the movie drags on, its endless montages and meandering subplots turn a quality film into a movie that can’t keep your interest. Read the rest of this entry

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Vegan Treats Bakery – Bethlehem, PA (vegan review)

Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA is the best bakery on the planet. You’re welcome. Go there.

You might be thinking, "But I don’t live anywhere near Bethlehem, PA," to which I must respond, "I just told you it’s the best bakery on earth. Rent, lease, buy or steal a car!" There are cannolis to be had!

(And no, I have no idea why the graphics in the video read "Vegan Sweets Bakery" despite the fact that you clearly read "Vegan Treats Bakery" on the walls of the bakery itself. There’s probably a reason… but I can’t figure out what it could be.)

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Veggie Heaven – Teaneck, NJ (vegan restaurant review)

I won’t bore you with my fan boy worship of Veggie Heaven – let me just say that it’s the greatest restaurant ever in the history of food. You’re welcome. Read the rest of this entry

&pizza (quick vegan restaurant review)

I don’t have much to say about &pizza except that they’re GREAT. They hooked it up with the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had EVER. Exclamation points are not necessary – the food is that good.

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Candle Cafe West (vegan restaurant review)

We had dinner at Candle Cafe West, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Friday, August 8th. As I arrived early for my rendezvous with Dr. Girlfriend, my first stop was the bar, where things did not get off to a good start. Read the rest of this entry

Disney subtly suggests that Fur is Murder in 101 Dalmatians

In my lifetime, Disney has been very “be a pirate even though they’re the bad guys” and “sell your soul for a man, little girls!” but in the past, Disney sung songs in my tune.

101 Dalmatians has a super subtle message regarding the fur industry. It’s subtle, right? And it was only 1961, too! Disney was so progressive back then… Now all we get is a rehashing of Hamlet over and over again. Well, probably only the two times, but I’m sure you see my point. Disney isn’t exactly out there tackling income equality, but I suppose they deserve credit for distributing Wall-E.

When a baby bird falls out of the nest (Nurse Becky Explains)


Our old friend Nurse Becky is back! Today, she brings us a story of compassion triumphing over organization starring the littlest robin you’ll ever see. Read the rest of this entry

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (quick movie review)

Everything else got rebooted, and in 2011, it was Planet of the Apes turn. I did like this movie, but it contains absolutely no surprises. Did you watch the trailer? That’s as good a summary as any.

I liked the allusions to the original: Caesar, Bright Eyes, “Get Your Paws Off Me, You Damn Dirty Ape,” all that stuff was fun. I have no idea where Andy Serkis ends and digital animators begin, but the performance is excellent. James Franco… you know, it’s James Franco. He’s a fine actor, but he’s just very James Franco. It was fun to see John Lithgow do his thing, particularly doing something I’d never seen him do before.

The pacing is a little slow… I thought for sure this movie was over two hours, but it actually clocks in at 1:46. The bad guys are all super flat an uninteresting, especially the jerk and the ape reserve… it does help the audience cheer for Caesar, because you do want him to triumph over the bad guys, but then, it seems like you’re supposed to cheer for James Franco, and there’s really not much to cheer about as the movie goes on.

Not only does this movie not doing anything super risky (although I did appreciate the strong animal rights message) or surprising, it’s very clear exactly how the next sequel will go. You can tell exactly how humanity will fall and the apes will take their place as the dominate species on the planet, so we can’t expect any surprises in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, either.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is what it promises – no more, no less. I liked it, but I certainly didn’t love it: I’m giving it a 7 out of 10. It does a lot of things right, but it’s kinda plodding and takes no risks.

6 points on Escape Plan (movie reviews)

Escape Plan is exactly what it promises: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger breaking out of prison. It’s at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means about half the critics gave it a negative review while the other segment of critics were more positive on the film. I fall into the latter half, but that doesn’t mean I think Escape Plan is a masterpiece. If you like your action movies to have an 80s vibe to them, I think you’ll find this flick acceptable, but it’s not without problems. Here are 6 points on why Escape Plan is what it is, for better or worse. Read the rest of this entry

5 notables on Son of Batman (movie review)

For the most part, I’m a big fan of the DC Comics Animated Universe. It’s almost all gold, but this time, they kinda blew it. I wouldn’t say Son of Batman is boring, but since none of the characters are especially interesting, it just kinda plods along to its inevitable conclusion.
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Happy Easter 2014

Sorry I’m late on my Easter Wishes for everyone. I hope you had a fun day, full of Batman Easter Eggs, Bunny Cakes and maybe even watching Easter Parade… but not Hop. I cannot stress that enough – do not watch Hop.

While the candy on the top of the cake is probably not vegan, the cake itself certainly is, featuring multi-colored coconut on top! This is my mom taking it to the next level after her first success (see the above ‘Bunny Cake’ link). It was both beautiful and delicious! The cake recipe comes from the giant Veganomicon cookbook.

Laurel Hill Lime Tortilla Chips (vegan stuff)

I found out about lime Tortilla chips some time before I became vegan and, as it turns out, all of the big brand lime corn chips include dairy, so that doesn’t work for me. Fortunately, Laurel Hill hooked it up – so, I no longer have to live a lime Tortilla chip free existence. Not exactly a tragedy, I know, but if you’re vegan and you like snacks, then you know where I’m coming from. A good snack is hard to find, and Laurel Hill’s Lime Tortilla Chips are worth trying.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (movie review)

I really enjoyed the first Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – interesting story, characters and themes… self obsession, greed, perception isn’t reality, even the best of intentions can have unforeseen consequences – stuff like that. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 reminds us that all life is precious.

Well, it reminds us that most life is precious.
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Saucony’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan sneakers (vegan stuff)

My vegan homeboys,

I am currently rockin’ new kicks: Saucony’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan sneakers. They seem to run around Nike sizes (I find that my shoe size fluctuates across brands… maybe that’s just me… I’m anywhere from a 9 to an 11), and I’m very happy with the fit and overall comfort. Not much to report, just thought I’d mention it. It’s hard to find vegan sneakers, and I didn’t even find these myself – Dr. Girlfriend is also sporting a pair, so we’ve doubled down on Saucony.

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Slider reviewed (vegan snacks)


It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it – and I gotta say, Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Sliders are pretty darn good. They remind me of those frozen White Castle burgers I used to eat when I was a kid – but less greasy. These burgers aren’t super dry, but I definitely recommend adding your favorite condiment.  The box has some nutritional information, but it also says it’s vegan, and that’s good enough for me!
These bad boys get my recommendation – I’ll have to check out their chicken sliders soon, so stay tuned for that.

Bear Education And Resource Group organizes protest of New Jersey black bear trophy hunt


The BEAR Group (Facebook) organized a protest of black bear hunting in New Jersey on a cold Saturday morning in front of  Paramus town hall on route 17. Read the rest of this entry

Oh Hai, Hunters – whatcha wearing?

Oh Hai, Hunters!

It’s me, Jamie! We don’t know each other, but I wanted to drop a line anyway. You see, as a non-hunter (a vegan, actually), I realize that we’re never going to get along, but I do have one question I want to throw your way:

Whatcha wearing?

I don’t understand the way you folks dress. I see that you’re wearing camouflage because you’re in the woods and you want to blend in, but you’re also wearing orange jackets so other hunters don’t shoot you, so… wait, let me start over.

The purpose of wearing camouflage is to blend in with the environment. Since you’re in the woods, you’re wearing that classic green, brown, black whatever print… but wait, who are you trying to avoid? Not the other hunters – because the orange vest is the official “Don’t shoot me, I’m a person” uniform of the woods, so why not just wear all orange? Because then Tommy Lee Jones would shoot you, I guess. But the vest breaks up your camo… this is like some kind of broken logic loop. I don’t get it.

But then, deer aren’t exactly the most elusive of creatures (I mean, come on, where’s the challenge in that? These guys can’t even figure out how to cross the street!), so I guess fashion sense is just the least of our misunderstandings.

5 Observations on Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

Dorney-ParkWe visited Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom this past weekend – this was my first time there and for the most part, my observations are based on a comparison with Six Flags Great Adventure. Let’s dive in: Read the rest of this entry

Vegan at Animal Kingdom

animal-kingdom-logoI have a problem with Animal Kingdom in concept (which I’m sure I’ll address when I do my Things to Improve Animal Kingdom piece) as essentially, it’s a zoo, and I don’t care for zoos. On the other hand, I do like Thrill Rides, and as anyone whose been on it knows, Expedition Everest is a lot of fun, so I can’t bypass the park all together, and a brotha’s gotta eat. Let’s take a look at what a vegan can have at the Kingdom! Read the rest of this entry

Vegan at the Magic Kingdom

magic-kingdomOh Magic Kingdom, with your mountains and your spectacle and your castles… it doesn’t get much better than the Magic Kingdom, does it? And when it comes to being vegan, there are actually options! Nothing to get crazy over, but options!

Perhaps the fact that there are options at all is cause enough for celebration. Read the rest of this entry


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