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“Hi, I probably have a Porsche and I’m bad at shopping… On purpose.” #fail



First, the Porsche Parker got under my skin – now I’ve got this guy to deal with.  Read the rest of this entry

Saturday Dog Blog 1/17/15


In this photo, the dogs are waiting for Dr. MyFiance with trepidation that she may arrive 10 minutes later than usual. They’re a demanding pack.

I’m pretty sure I’m in San Francisco


The San Francisco International Airport has a yoga room.  And it’s at the top of the list. You’d think one of the tech-i-est cities on earth world be all about the charging station – and we all need food, so that’s a vote for putting Vending Machines first (sorry, it’s singular, so I presume it’s only one machine), but Yoga gets high marks from the City by the Bay.
As for me, I’m all about Yoga Fire and Yoga Flame, so I feel ya, SFO.

Happy New Year!

golden retriever
Photo by my sister

New Year’s is passed Maggie’s bed time.
Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

Saturday Dog Blog 12/27/14


Having a pack of dogs is awesome. Here, it looks like I’m making a nylabone commercial. I love how pissed Rocky looks in this photo. I’m interrupting his chewing and he wasn’t having it.
Again, awesome.

Saturday Dog Blog 12/20/14

We’re calling this sequence of photos “The Bedtime Predicament.”


How will I solve this quandary?   Read the rest of this entry

Saturday cat blog 12 6 14


Yes, I know. It’s another picture of the cats on their tower. I’m abusing this. I’m sorry. It’s just too cute. I love that they share the space. I have fallen under their spell.


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