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things I see and must speak on, son!

You’ve gone incognito.


(This image has been translated)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  the incognito web browser setting has only one purpose.  You know what it is; I don’t need to – well, I guess I did already spell it out for you in the above image.  Anyway, the future sure is exactly what George Lucas promised us in THX 1138.*

*Wow, what an obscure reference to about one second of film from a movie nobody saw.

Enough already with the Brain Williams scandal!


I get that this Brian Williams scandal is a big story, but there are three consecutive pieces on the New York Times homepage right now. Surely there are bigger things happening in the world. And it’s not just the New York Times, it’s everybody. Nobody can stop talking about this story, and I really don’t have any idea why. I get that Brian Williams either lied or misrepresented himself or whatever, but I gotta tell you, I don’t really care. If you like listening to Brian Williams on the news, then super. If you don’t, then you probably already don’t watch him. It seems to me that this is an NBC problem; they’ll either fire him because they think he’s lost credibility with their audience or they won’t… I just can’t wrap my head around why everybody finds this story so interesting. I guess everybody loves a scandal. 
It sure would be nice the folks that have the resources to cover the big stories could just let this one go and concentrate on the stuff that truly matters .

The Hospital Pain Chart



After spending many consecutive hours in an Emergency Room, I got a fairly good idea of what actual pain is to experience as opposed to the common occurances we experience day-to-day.  Sure, it hurts when you stub your toe, but I wouldn’t say you’re in pain.  When something hurts, it’s fleeting – when you’re in pain, you need professional medical care.  That’s where doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff come to the rescue.   Read the rest of this entry

First Impressions of Nintendo Wii U

We finally got Nintendo Wii U and I have to say that overall, I am digging it.  It’s not perfect (and I think they could make some easy tweaks to improve stuff), but it’s far from disappointing.  Read the rest of this entry

A Word For and Against Watching Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is, without a doubt, the defining sports event not just of each year, but really, of all time… for Americans, at least.  There is no other day when so many folks in the United States gather around the television and tune in to the same thing – and for non-sports enthusiasts, there’s an entire cottage industry around Super Bowl alternatives – my favorite is The Puppy Bowl.

One can’t talk about The Super Bowl without bringing up the commercials – advertisers know this is the chance to hit more American eyeballs than any other, so they go all out.  The commercials have become a must see TV event in themselves, but is this a good or bad thing?  I can make cases for both sides.  Read the rest of this entry

Fun with Autocomplete


Ah, the joys of technology!  Autocomplete is certainly one of my favorite modern doodads.  I mean, look at these amazing choices!  I could get engaged, naked, in the day shift, into day shift, a new day shift…  the possibilities are fantastic!  Go twenty-first century!

“Hi, I probably have a Porsche and I’m bad at shopping… On purpose.” #fail



First, the Porsche Parker got under my skin – now I’ve got this guy to deal with.  Read the rest of this entry


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