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things I see and must speak on, son!

Yard of ale? Boot of beer?


It’s not enough to drink beer – you have to make a game of it. It’s required, apparently.  I’ve seen people play beer pong and quarters, but there’s another level to this drinking games phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry

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Swinging Single Socks are a Sadistic Scourge


I just don’t get why we have so many socks without a mate. There must be 50 left after The Great Sunday Sock Pairing of 2014, which is crazy. As you can see, I’ve separated the Swinging Singles (or as I like to say, “Singing Swingles”) into three categories: white, various and black. Not that this helps the situation any, but I like to pretend I’ve exercised sovereignty over the material world.
Where is it that socks go? Do the Underpants Gnomes have cousins?

New York Times puts 'extreme' in quotes in reference to Buffalo snowfall, Mountain Dew enthusiasts cry foul

snowIn the last twenty years or so, the word ‘extreme’ has been bandied about with reckless abandon. Its overuse is well chronicled in silly product commercials, the X Games and so on. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no longer a relevant use for the word. Even people who slug back sugary drinks while skateboarding half pipes and simultaneously exhibiting Michael Jordan esque tongue gestures would probably agree that several feet of snow on your front lawn is cause for dropping the quotes. It’s a life threatening amount of snow – it’s not Dr. Evil talking about using lasers to cause global warming…

Hmm – synergy?

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale review

Samuel-Adams-Fat-Jack-Double-Pumpkin-AleI’ve been duped again.  Why do I keep letting this happen?

Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale is yet another pumpkin beer that promises pumpkin taste and doesn’t deliver.  This is nothing new, but I feel a bit more swindled this time because of the very name of the beer.  Calling your beer “Double Pumpkin” implies to me that this will taste even more like pumpkin than most pumpkin beers.  Yet, I can detect no pumpkin taste at all!  Let me bring in David Lookner again:   Read the rest of this entry

The Wall Street Journal is for everyone! (And by ‘everyone,’ we mean rich people and Jim & Pam from The Office)

You can’t slip this sort of thing past Dr. Girlfriend!  She can spot an income inequality piece with the best of them.  I guess The Wall Street Journal isn’t necessarily trying to market themselves to the widest audiences, but this is a bit much even for them.

Read the rest of this entry

Internet Explorer sucks

Is it just me, or does Internet Explorer suck? Cause I’m pretty sure it sucks. Read the rest of this entry


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