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Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com update #3

will-reading-the-movieJust for giggles, here’s an update on Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com. Read the rest of this entry

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DIY Armrest

As an adult, you have to make decisions, and sometimes, you’re presented with a decision that makes financial sense but requires some additional work on your part. This came to pass when we bought a new car – if we were willing to pony up another two grand, we’d get an armrest, cruise control and floor mats. Since Dr. Girlfriend doesn’t use cruise control and we live in an urban area, cruise control isn’t a big deal for us. A simple Amazon search will show you that great floor mats are available for under a hundred beans, so this quickly became a no brainer. The arm rest was tricky, but I figured something out. I bought an over-sized cup holder from Amazon (that was like five bucks… something like that) and a toy soccer ball from Ikea (I forget… maybe five bucks), dropped about a dollar’s worth of pennies in the cup holder for weight and stuffed the soccer ball on into the cup holder and that’s all there is to it. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than forking over two grand for an armrest, floor mats and a feature we’re never going to use.

Battling Icicles (meme edition)


Had enough winter yet?  Yeah, I’m kinda done, too.  No matter where you live, there’s no escaping the winter of 2014.  The snow, ice and frigid temperatures are pounding one and all with reckless abandon.  Even the American south isn’t  safe and at this point, I’ve reached a point where I don’t have any place left to store the snow.  And it just keeps coming. Read the rest of this entry

Wrapping for Jesus is offensively entertaining

Yep, that’s just what it is: offensively entertaining.  Offentertaining, if you will.

About Selfies

In today’s post, I promise you Star Wars! I promise you smack talk about members of Congress! And most of all, I promise you a discussion the newest word in the dictionary, selfie.

Read the rest of this entry

FAKE EMAIL: Twilight

Our new feature explores emails that might have been sent by fictional characters or in fictional universes, etc.   You’ll get the idea…

FROM:  Edward

TO:  Bella

SUBJECT:  last night at my house – music!

Yo Bells,

What up?  Thanks for coming by the house last night and meeting the fam!  I know it’s all happening kinda fast, but that’s how one does things when one is immortal!  Glad nobody ate you!  =)

So we didn’t really get a chance to talk about music all that in-depth last night.  (Climbing trees is fun!)  What are your favorite bands?  Songs?  Do you like Gaga?  (I assume ‘yes’ because of your poker face!)


What instrument do you play?  I mean, I just assume you at least attempt to play an instrument because you love music so much…  As you know, I play the piano (I’ve had plenty of time to practice!), but I’d love to tickle your ivories!  (Get it?  Get it?  It’s a reference to your teeth because I’m a vampire and… I want to be erotic with your teeth?  OK, I’ve lost my train of thought… need more blood… must go hunt…)

Write back or hit me up on Twitter!  @edfastsucka

Osmosis doesn’t mean what we think it means

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “learn by osmosis,” but I bet most people don’t know what the word “osmosis” actually means.  Ever seen the word “osmosis” in this context?

reverse-osmosis-drinking-water-systemYeah, my mind was blown.  Reverse osmosis?  Drinking water?  What the hell is going on here?

Wikipedia defines osmosis as follows:

Osmosis is the net movement of solvent molecules through a partially permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in order to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides.

Yeah, I didn’t follow all that either.  Essentially, osmosis is the diffusion of water… and a reverse osmosis filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury from water for drinking.

So boom.  No learning going on here – except the correct* definition of “osmosis.”

and by ‘correct,’ I mean the first definition you’ll see for osmosis, even if it’s not the most common.

CreativeJamie.com Dictionary: Shitgestions


To make a terrible suggestion; a suggestion that isn’t worth a shit.

His text suggested that we meet for lunch at McDonalds – what a shitgestion.

It turns out, people are already using this word, but I couldn’t let it pass.  Oh, and in that example sentence… well, there is certainly more than one way to read that one.  (Could refer to the quality of the food!)

The CreativeJamie.com Dictionary is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to until now.  I had a writing college in class during which one assignment challenged us to make up our own words.  I sucked at it (hard), but I loved the idea, so I’m giving it a go now.

Sauce Packet Organization – Creative Projects


Yeah, this is how I roll.  Can’t just have sauce packets laying around everywhere – I need my shiz organized.

This is just a cliff bar box I ripped the top off of, cut the top into rows and stapled it to the sides.


CreativeJamie.com Dictionary: Pimpident


To accidentally dress like a pimp, prostitute or other person of ill fame

He wore a shirt darker than his suit, giving him the appearance of a pimp, despite not dressing as such with purpose – a pimpident.

The CreativeJamie.com Dictionary is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never got around to until now.  I had a writing college in class during which one assignment challenged us to make up our own words.  I sucked at it (hard), but I loved the idea, so I’m giving it a go now.


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