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Attention Must Be Paid: @thelindsayellis (formerly aka Nostalgia Chick)

There are lots of people out there making content exclusively for the web, but there’s hardly anybody that does it as well as Lindsay Ellis.  A Channel Awesome contest to create a companion show for the Nostalgia Critic series brought her to our attention as the Nostalgia Chick, but it’s clear that Ms. Ellis has a lot more to offer us than a look back at the past – her brand of criticism not only informs, it educates – and that’s an even more rare thing than simply making quality videos. 

Hence, Attention Must be Paid!  Observe:  Read the rest of this entry

Regular Car Reviews (AMBP)

Attention Must Be Paid to Regular Car Reviews!  Why?  If I could only truly explain why “Gillette is the razor that I am holding in front of me…” is so funny, then that would do it justice.  Fortunately, you can just watch their videos and understand why RCR is awesome.  Read the rest of this entry

The Drumming of Andrea Vadrucci aka Vadrum (Attention Must Be Paid)

The Drumming of Andrea Vadrucci is something I’ve been enjoying for many years and I’m ashamed at how long it’s taken me to finally do an Attention Must Be Paid on the one known as Vadrum. Read the rest of this entry

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager web series (Attention Must Be Paid)

I haven’t done one of these Attention Must Be Paid posts in a zillion years and for whatever reason, I suddenly had the desire to tackle a web series that isn’t in production anymore and hasn’t been for several years. So, without further ado, I give you Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager!
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Attention Must Be Paid: Indian Wife


If you’re new to the Attention Must Be Paid feature, here’s the deal:  when I run across something that I think is great and isn’t getting the props it deserves, I write it up in this space.  Unfortunately, AMBP has become a graveyard of canceled projects, and today’s celebrated artist, Indian Wife, is not an exception – they’re on what is probably best described as permanent hiatus.  Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their music.

Indian Wife is out of New York and describes their genre as Noise Rock, but I’m not educated enough to elaborate on that – I’ll just say it’s good music.  Comprised of Sbags, Indian Mike and Chris (who you’ll recognize from Rattrap Bumpkin), this is the sort of band that you’d invite to your house for a barbecue, or ask to help you defend the homestead from an invasion of saucer people – they kick that much ass.

Listening to Indian Wife is like watching someone paint a masterpiece with a broom; a giant piece of canvas is manipulated with lots of long, thick strokes and vivid colors over and over again.  This is on full display in their five track album, Dirt Worshiper, which is available for FREE download.

If you like buildup and payoff, then the opening track is for you.  “Comstock Lode” starts up like an old, reliable car and just keeps going… it slides out of the driveway, down the suburban streets and eventually to the highway – that’s when you find out you find out that this car has a big ass engine.  And tremolo picking – I friggin love tremolo picking!  “Mannegishi” makes excellent use of a chorus effect on the guitar, and the song is just tight; everyone is together.  I love the reverb and delay on “Horizon;” it creates an atmosphere all its own on all of the songs, but perhaps is best used on this track; it’ll lull you to sleep… and i can’t even begin to speculate on what sort of dreams you’d have… they might be something like this.  Then “Holy Water” comes on and kicks your ass with power and feedback until the final number, “Ezra Kind” rocks you on home.

Check out Indian Wife – it won’t cost you a thing but it’ll enrich your life!

more Music Reviews at

more Music Reviews at

Attention Must Be Paid: Outsourced

outsourced-tv-nbcIf you’re new to the Attention Must Be Paid (AMBP) feature, here’s the deal:  when I run across something that I think is great and isn’t getting the props it deserves, I write it up in this space.  Unfortunately, AMBP is starting to become a graveyard of canceled projects, including Party Down and Air.  Today, we welcome Outsourced.

Outsourced was only on for one season (September 23, 2010 through May 12, 2011) and 22 episodes, but it left an undeniable impression upon my mind.  The characters and their stories resonated with me for reasons I can’t explain – but then, well written scripts will do that for ya.

The show follows the adventures of Todd, an American who is sent to India to manage a call center for a mail order novelty company…  I know, a fish out of water story is a little cliche, not to mention the fact that the show takes place in a contemporary setting where American jobs are being outsourced overseas and yet people are still buying stuff from mail order catalogs?  Whatever – it’s all about the characters and their relationships with each other.

Get Your Head Bobble On

I have to admit, I never thought I’d see a sitcom where they attempted to explain the head bobble… it’s just one of the great things about this show.  After working with many people from India and the Middle East, it’s refreshing to see people I know represented on TV fairly accurately.


Madhuri, mid head bobble.

“What does it mean?”

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes neither, sometimes both.”

Yeah, that’s exactly what it means!

Characters are AWESOME!

Initially, I thought I would talk about my favorite characters in this section, but frankly, I love all of the characters on this show – even Rajiv, the assistant manager you’re supposed to hate.  He’s deliciously evil, but his motives are pure – he needs to become a manager so he can prove his worth to the family of the woman he loves…  they all have great stories like that.  Madhuri, who is at first portrayed to be soft spoken and demure has a tremendous singing voice that could take her to places most of us only dream of, but she is happy with her job at the telemarketing company that pays enough to support her family.

I believe Outsourced was not renewed due to NBC’s own bungling – if they hadn’t moved the show’s time slot mid season, I doubt it’s rating would have fallen off so sharply.  To expect TV watchers to have such loyalty after barely half a season is asking a lot – particularly the audience that has a hard time choosing between this and The Mentalist.  In any case, I just don’t understand how they expected the NBC audience to watch three straight hours of sitcoms – especially since The Office and Parks & Recreation are almost the same show, even sharing some of the same actors.

Nevertheless, Outsourced is still available on Hulu for free and on DVD at Amazon – check it out!

Attention Must Be Paid: Party Down

If you’re new to the Attention Must Be Paid (AMBP) feature, here’s the deal:  when I run across something that I think is great and isn’t getting the props it deserves, I write it up in this space.

For two glorious seasons and 20 hilarious episodes, Party Down brought a jaded bit of humanity to the service industry.  OK, I’m fawning – but the show is awesome!  Read the rest of this entry


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