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Mixers and Movie Reviews Ep 1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Prometheus

As advertised, the first episode of Mixers and Movie Reviews is here!  I know The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Prometheus aren’t exactly hot off the presses, but they’re two movies that merit discussion – under the influence of a coconut mojito, that is.

This was filmed using a Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.   I used a 1000 LED light as my key light, a 500 LED light for fill  and an old ground row light for additional flooding light.  We used a shotgun condenser mic to record us speaking and for the voice over as well.  I used Adobe Audition to remove the hiss, and it worked fairly well, but for some reason, the audio I washed doesn’t play on any YouTube mobile devices I’ve tested right away.  I’ve had this problem before and after a few days or so, it clears up.  I guess it’s a codec problem, but how that would be solved by me, I don’t know – YouTube figures it out eventually.

Mixers and Movie Reviews
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