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Attention Must Be Paid: Air

airWelcome back to the journey into under appreciated creativity.  This feature, Attention Must be Paid, will shine my (however brief and dull) spotlight on something that needs props.  Mad props.  Today, I’d like to shine the light on Air, published by Vertigo Comics, a subsidiary of DC Comics.

Air is great.  It’s well written and the characters are vibrant.  Now, what’s Air all about?  Uhm, I’ll take some picks from Wikipedia and let them explain:

Blythe follows [Zayn] to Narimar, where she is designated by the Etesian Front a “hyperpract”, that is, someone with the power to move into different dimensions or realities.
As the story progresses, the ambiguous concept of ‘hyperpraxis’ is introduced, as what seems to be a supernatural form of teleportation. The story develops more eccentric and fantasy elements, introducing Amelia Earhart and Quetzacoatl as supporting characters.

Follow all that?  And yes, I am openly praising a comic book that features Amelia Earhart as a character, not to mention Quetzacoatl.  Air is a great example of a book that shows you how you can do whatever you want, just as long as it’s done well.  Blythe is an excellent character.  She’s smart, powerful and vulnerable all at once – not to mention other things.

The author of Air was G. Willow Wilson, making this one of the only comic books I’ve read that was written by a woman.  Unfortunately, the book has been canceled after 24 issues.  =(  Why, I don’t know – it always sells out at my local retailers.  Wilson should obviously move to Bergen County, NJ, where her genius will be appreciated.  Air is getting the graphic novel treatment, though – the first volume is available at Amazon.

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